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Oppo HA1

amazon Oppo HA1 reviews Design The first impression for first-time users to admire HA1 no different than couples PM1 and PM2 headset, make sure that the quality and build of advanced hardware systems equip HA1. […]

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Ifi Nano iDSD

amazon Ifi Nano iDSD reviews As for many audiophiles, the maximum sampling frequency 352 kHz of DSD seems extremely important and can completely bypass the standard 16- or 24-bit PCM samples are now whether the […]

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Fiio X1

amazon Fiio X1 reviews Design Still popular segment of cheap but quite unexpectedly when Fiio X1 was designed monolithic and almost all of the details on the device are machined from metal. Fiio X1 holding […]

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Topping VX1

amazon Topping VX1 reviews Unbox & DESIGN According to information from the manufacturer, TOPPING VX1 used the most advanced components from KOA, ERO, Siemens, Nichicon, Toko, Omron, Fujitsu. As introduced, VX1 is both a DAC […]