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SoundMagic ES19S

amazon SoundMagic ES19S reviews When users are interested in the segment with cheap headphones price/ performance, the first name mentioned will be SoundMagic. Owning these headphones have a nice design, the price is not too […]

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Somic G911

amazon Somic G911 reviews Design and Feeling Somic G911 package simple packaging with black and red two-tone contrasts. Printed on the front in black headphones (G911 has two black and white) on a red background. […]

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Rovking V5

amazon Rovking V5 reviews To meet the needs of many more music enthusiasts, headphones Chinese firm has collected opinions from the users as well as experts from the company to give birth to a completely […]

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Ricoh GR

amazon Ricoh GR reviews Ricoh GR, Ricoh’s compacts line longstanding, owns APS – C equivalent to the DSLR but with a very compact size, can fully jeans pocket. Firstly we look through specifications, design, and […]

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Ostry KC06A

amazon Ostry KC06A reviews Unbox & DESIGN The first impression of a pair of these cans is it beautiful from the outside to the inside design. Ostry KC06A designed alloy (titanium), but quite mild. Housing […]