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Lenovo A6000

amazon Lenovo A6000 reviews Design In addition to slim design and compact design, there are not many points to talk about Lenovo A6000. The machine’s design is based on the familiar language of Lenovo: Modern […]

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HTC One M7

amazon HTC One M7 reviews Design Design is the first score on the Htc One M7. The HTC One’s shell is made (CNC machined) from a monolithic aluminum sheet and then some plastic parts are […]

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BlackBerry Priv

amazon BlackBerry Priv reviews Design: In terms of design, the BlackBerry is not in touch with any other smartphone on the market. A legendary keyboard with a divine slip design created a Priv that appealed […]

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Asus Pegasus

amazon Asus Pegasus reviews About design At first glimpse of Asus Pegasus I thought this is a Asus ZenPhone 5 must say that the machine is quite similar to the Zen5 looks quite familiar design. […]