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Thermaltake SpinQ

amazon Thermaltake SpinQ reviews The SpinQ radiator has an impressive design, the award-winning Reddot Design Award and the 2009 IF Product Design Award. SpinQ has a very unique round cylinder design, heat sink fan is […]

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BenQ MP515

amazon BenQ MP515 reviews The BenQ MP515 measures 255x214x90 mm, weighing about 2.2 kg, with a solid black design, large heatsinks. The glossy surface with active status lights and temperature and small controls but quite […]

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Logitech S715i

amazon Logitech S715i reviews Speaker manufacturers constantly offer dedicated speakers for iPod / iPhone, including Logitech with S715i. Quite large and bumpy, the S715i is a 2.0-channel, 2.0-spoke speaker that looks like an old-fashioned stereo […]