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Dunu DN2000J

amazon Dunu DN2000J reviews After a long absence from the market, Dunu is back with a “J” upgrade for their top-of-the-line DN2000 earphones. DN2000J is enclosed in square box and smaller than before. The back […]

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AKG K812

amazon AKG K812 reviews After the legendary K1000, AKG comes back in the audiophile-headphone line, over $ 1,000, with the K812. The K812’s internal AKG technology is completely new and fully compatible with the price […]

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AKG 3003

amazon AKG 3003 reviews With over 60 years of proven experience, AKG’s top engineers have taken the lead in the art of hi-end technology with the dedication and technical excellence. AKG K3003 earphones are listed […]

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Oyaide Tunami

amazon Oyaide Tunami reviews The quality of the mains cord is always appreciated by the audiophile in the system, because it not only ensures the detail of the input signal but also contributes to the […]

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Bezalel Futura X

amazon Bezalel Futura X reviews Wireless charging is a feature that has appeared on smartphones long, but not popular because only a few companies integrated into the high-end Nokia Lumia 920 or Samsung Galaxy S6. […]

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amazon AKG N20 reviews Since launching in March 2015 at MWC 2015, the AKG N20 is always on the top of the under $ 200 in-ear headphones. However, in terms of design, technology, usability and […]

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V-Moda Zn

amazon V-Moda Zn reviews After 4 years of development and research, V-Moda Zn, in-ear earphones, complete design and many quality upgrades, has launched. V-Moda Zn, the newest in-ear model, is the successor of previous in-ear […]

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Fidue A91

amazon Fidue A91 reviews After a brief absence on the market, Fidue suddenly launched the premium product A91. This is the successor of the A83 – the very popular Hybrid earphone of Fidue. The new […]

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Dreamwave Survivor

amazon Dreamwave Survivor reviews The Survivor is a mutifuntional speaker, including the impossible function is battery car. Design Dreamwave is focused on product design, both aesthetically and quality. With Sursivor, the company uses an extremely […]