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Jaybird X2

amazon Jaybird X2 reviews Pros: The Jaybird X2 Bluetooth headset is a lot better than the previous Jaybird X series. Improved design fits better with the user, better carrying case and longer battery life and […]

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Jaybird Freedom

amazon Jaybird Freedom reviews Jaybird Freedom is an in-ear headphone designed by Jaybird specifically aimed at users who love to combine sports and music. Compared to other sports headphones on the market, Jaybird Freedom Wireless […]

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Himedia H1

amazon Himedia H1 reviews HIMEDIA has recently launched Himedia H1 for the low-end segment of TV and advertising solutions, but has incorporated new technologies such as 4K @ FPS, HDMI 2.0, Quadcore quad-core, Ram 1G. […]

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Polaroid ZIP

amazon Polaroid ZIP reviews Polaroid ZIP is a pocket sized, lightweight photo printer that you can carry easily. The printer connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth 4.0 and you can order the photo printer […]

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Urbanista Seattle

amazon Urbanista Seattle reviews Recently people have switched from preferring striking design, color to simplicity, cleanliness. Capturing this trend, Urbanista, a Swedish audio company, has launched a range of headset products with minimalist design and […]