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Audeze LCD-2

amazon Audeze LCD-2 reviews Design The Audeze LCD-2 comes with a classic nostalgic design, in dark tones, with a strong, sturdy feel. The LCD-2 bezel has two versions to choose from, either from synthetic bamboo […]

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Alpine Headphone

amazon Alpine Headphone reviews The headset is simply called Alpine Headphone. There are two colors black and white for the user to choose from. Looks modern, young very ingenious with modern technology solutions have become […]

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RBX-500 dock

amazon RBX-500 dock reviews Starting from the need for an iPod / iPhone music dock at parties. If you like, the device can connect to any compatible Bluetooth such as smartphone, tablet, or personal computer […]

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Samsung 65F8000

amazon Samsung 65F8000 reviews Thin, semi-circular and flat surface design This is Samsung’s most advanced and advanced 3D LED TV. Series F8000 has some changes in appearance, in which the most impressive is the thinness […]

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Dell Cast

amazon Dell Cast reviews Dell has launched a video streaming device from a mobile device to a TV like Google’s Chromecast called Cast. Dell Cast is a compact device designed to connect your computer via […]