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Fiio BTR1

amazon Fiio BTR1 reviews With the removal of the 3.5 jacks for audio lovers, it is a huge challenge because the quality of the adapters that come with them is not guaranteed, and the DAC […]

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Netgear Orbi

amazon Netgear Orbi reviews The Netgear Orbi wifi transmitter that I tested helps resolve the routing issue when setting up a network with multiple wireless transmitters in a wide or multi-tiered home. It also solves […]

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Moov Now

amazon Moov Now reviews Moov Now is a virtual assistant, a personal trainer, (in the gym called PT – Personal trainer). Moov Now take it for a walk, buy a one-time use (or until the […]

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Kinsa QuickCare

amazon Kinsa QuickCare reviews There are now a number of electronic thermometers available on the market, and many have the ability to connect to smartphones to share or store information. However, most of the connected […]