HTC Mozart

amazon HTC Mozart reviews Compared to the HTC HD7, the HTC Mozart is more humble with a 3.7-inch screen size. However, the machine scored points due to the design of the shell of aluminum monolith. […]

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OnePlus One

amazon OnePlus One reviews This smartphone is a perfect combination between the front of OPPO Find 7 and the back of Moto X. This is easy to understand because the founder and operator of OnePlus […]

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Vega Iron 2

amazon Vega Iron 2 reviews Design: If the first generation Iron attracted attention due to the ultra-thin bezel and stainless steel frame, Vega Iron 2 is trending with the use of aluminum. This aluminum frame […]

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Nexus 6

amazon Nexus 6 reviews Not long after the introduction of Nexus 9, Nexus 6 has officially hit shelves in several major European markets. Unlike the Nexus 5, the Nexus 6 has a very simple box […]

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LG Wine Smart

amazon LG Wine Smart reviews Now, when it comes to smartphones, people often think of devices with large screen from 4-6 inches with neat design and especially using virtual keyboards. But with Wine Smart – […]