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Portal Knights

amazon Portal Knights reviews Recently, Portal Knights – Minecraft-based role playing game was released on Steam and is now available as Early Access. Of course, to join the game, gamers will need to pay a […]

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Project Cars 2

amazon Project Cars 2 reviews Unlike the first, which is like a demo depicting the potential of super-realistic racing game Slightly Mad Studios, the second part of the Project Cars series now lets you play […]

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Mafia 3

amazon Mafia 3 reviews After all, it’s been six years since the launch of Mafia II. Equally speaking, the gaming community has not enjoyed the open-minded world of gaming but is impressed by the depth […]

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For Honor

amazon For Honor reviews In addition to leading the sales list, Ubisoft blockbuster also received positive reviews from fans. 83% of the respondents said that For Honor was very good and they were right to […]

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Fire Emblem Heroes

amazon Fire Emblem Heroes reviews In terms of overall gameplay, Fire Emblem Heroes still retains the turn-based strategy on the familiar Fire Emblem division. The game’s storyline will allow the player to become a Summoner, […]

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Victor Vran

amazon Victor Vran reviews On the whole, Victor Vran gives players the feeling they are experiencing a “Diablo III” clone with a fixed top-down locking mechanism, or skill system as well. Combining both target and […]