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Total Recall

amazon Total Recall reviews Movie titles have traditionally been labeled “bad” because the quality they bring is often not comparable to cinema. However, besides, there are still no shortage of quality games that are “raw […]

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Quantum Legacy

amazon Quantum Legacy reviews Today, I introduces a new 3D space shooter called Quantum Legacy HD. Do not know is accidental or deliberate but the game has been deprived developers most of the properties such […]

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amazon Splice reviews Splice sounds like a simple game, but it’s not. This is a puzzle game in which the player’s job is to recreate microbial cell structures. It can be said that this is […]

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Nutty Fluffies

amazon Nutty Fluffies reviews The RedLynx developer is a familiar name for well-known racing games that have always received high marks from the public, and MotoHeroz is one of the typical examples. Today i would […]

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Total War

amazon Total War reviews What makes a real-time strategy game? These are units, resource management and a brainwashing. But what is still important to RTS games, is the computer mouse. Accuracy in commands and movement […]