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amazon Trove reviews Trove has a relatively similar style to a well-known product called Minecraft, from the “layered” graphics and vast virtual worlds that allow gamers to do what they do, not dependent on the […]

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Rocket League

amazon Rocket League reviews The Rocket League is an online action sports game combining action. The game takes gamers into a football match, but instead of controlling the players, the player controls a racing car, […]

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PlanetSide 2

amazon PlanetSide 2 reviews PlanetSide 2 is a first-person shooter game built on the big open world. Of course, built in the futuristic world, PlanetSide 2 not only introduces combat mechanics like the usual first-person […]

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amazon Overwatch reviews Control mechanism and combat in Overwatch is built like a first-person shooter. The familiar first-person shooter mode helps players quickly get accustomed to, however, not only with regular shooting, but with the […]

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amazon Nosgoth reviews Nosgoth is designed to be just as good at graphics as many of the immersive online titles launched in 2014. The highlight of the game comes from the dark colors, which make […]

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Grim Dawn

amazon Grim Dawn reviews It is noteworthy that Grim Dawn has developed the online game, which has been revealed by NSX to be the successor of the legendary Diablo II. In fact, Grim Dawn was […]