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Brother HL-2240D

amazon Brother HL-2240D reviews The Brother HL-2240D is compact, simple to operate, allows double sided printing, good quality and fast print speeds. Pros: Two-sided printing, good quality and printing speed. Disadvantages: Tray paper without pedestal; […]

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OKI C330dn

amazon OKI C330dn reviews The OKI C330dn printer uses LED technology, prints in four ink colors, and an automatic paper pad that allows users to save in a collaborative environment. Like the OKI C300 series, […]

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MonoRover R2

amazon MonoRover R2 reviews MonoRover R2 are manufactured with black, white. Our machine are white experience. As a means of personal mobility should be designed to minimize it, certainly with the weight of 10kg. When […]