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Polar M600

amazon Polar M600 reviews Design and Layout Because of the “hybrid” between the fitness tracker and the smartwatch, the Polar M600’s design does not tilt to one side and has a fairly general aesthetic – […]

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Montblanc Summit

amazon Montblanc Summit reviews Montblanc Summit – Smartwatch’s first luxury accessory brand in the business world Design and Monitor Inspired by the 1858 Summit Collection, the smartwatch’s timepiece design is a classic, stylish yet sophisticated […]

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Garmin Vivosport

amazon Garmin Vivosport reviews Garmin Vivosport is a new fitness tracker at IFA 2017 in late August and early September – replacing the Vivosmart HR +, with built-in GPS connectivity and new features like: 24/7 […]

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amazon GARMIN VIVOSMART 3 reviews DESIGN The problem of the Garmin device is that the design is too boring and lacking aesthetics. So, although the durability has never been debated, the fashionable point of Vivosmart […]

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Garmin Vivomove

amazon Garmin Vivomove reviews DESIGN Previously, Garmin was often criticized for being too masculine and hard-working. Although we do not discuss Garmin’s durability, there are many types of sports activities to watch and need to […]

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Garmin Vivomove HR

amazon Garmin Vivomove HR reviews Design Size 43mm, thin 11.6mm, light weight 40.8g with straps 20mm change easily Contains 2 versions: Sport with black frame and rose gold + silicone strap; and Premium / Special […]

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Garmin Vivoactive 3

amazon Garmin Vivoactive 3 reviews Design Designing a complete breakthrough with its predecessor Vivoactive HR, Garmin Vivoactive 3 owns a circular round face with a diameter of 43mm, larger than the sports watch version for […]

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Fitbit Ionic

amazon Fitbit Ionic reviews Design The Fitbit Ionic can win on many of the other characteristic fronts of many smart clocks that are on the market, but redesigning is not one of them. The first […]

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amazon FITBIT ALTA HR reviews DESIGN Overall, the Fitbit Alta HR is slimmer than Fitbit Charge 2 but not equal Fit Flex 2. The screen is located between the strap and can be removed easily […]