Consultant for investment project in the vietnam

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When we set up an investment project, we fully consider the factors that are needed and sufficient to ensure the feasibility of the project deployment and operation phase, analyze the risks and provide solutions to Preventing and helping customers get the overall picture and most detail about the investment project to make the right effective.  investment decision. The results of the investment consultancy process will also assist the investor in the process of attracting / mobilizing investment capital. 

  • Determining the purpose and significance of the investment project
  • Determine the legal requirements to comply when executing an investment project
  • Analyze and evaluate the output market;
  • Selection of investment scale, technology;
  • Identify the inputs and sources;
  • Identify the organizational model for managing the investment period and project exploitation period
  • Calculation working capital and investment budgeting for the project operation phase; Making plans to mobilize capital for the project;
  • Calculate the financial performance of the investment project, including financial planning for the project lifetime;
  • Evaluate the risk factors associated with the investment project and identify precautionary measures;
  • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of investment projects and competing capability.



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