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amazon HP EliteDisplay E273q reviews

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The HP E273q is the highest-end model in the EliteDisplay E-Series office desktop series. The highlight of this new generation screen collection is the beautifully designed, thin bezel that is suitable for multiplexing multiple displays and accommodating a wide variety of communication interfaces.

The HP EliteDisplay E273q, despite the large 27-inch frame size, is still quite thin, fits in with the modern desk space and is suitable for tight spaces. Not only that, if you use a compact computer with VESA design, you can hang your PC on the back of the screen frame to maximize the space of your work.

The HP EliteDisplay E273q is designed to stand on a solid square foot with a heavy weight. As part of the product line designed to optimize work efficiency, the E273q also features a ergonomic design, which tilts the screen forward for 5 degrees or reclines behind 23 degrees, rotates to the left right with a 45 degree angle, customizable up or down to a maximum height of 15cm, and can rotate 90 degrees when you want to pair multiple monitors.

According to information from the HP website, the E273q has a maximum resolution of QHD (2,560×1,440 pixels), 350cd / m2 brightness, 1,000: 1 contrast ratio, 5,000,000: 1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1ms response time. This monitor uses LED technology with an IPS panel and provides 178 degrees of viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical directions.

During the test, when set to default for use in normal office lighting, I felt the screen was slightly brighter than most other products tested. It is therefore advisable to adjust the brightness of the screen to about 60-70%.

In terms of communication, the HP EliteDisplay E273q is equipped with almost all popular video input devices such as VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort. The back of the screen also has anti-theft key, suitable for use in public places such as airports, supermarkets, hotel, … The screen also includes USB Type-C enhances the The ability to connect peripheral devices directly to two USB 3.0 ports is quite convenient.

Specifically, during testing, I can connect the included USB Type-C cable from the desktop to the desktop, and then attach any external USB storage devices to USB 3.0 ports. screen to copy data. This design allows the user to conveniently attach the USB device while sitting at work, without the hassle of doing the same in a computer case (usually located under an office desk).

Another highlight of the HP EliteDisplay lineup is the slim bezel on the above, right, and left sides of the bezel. Multiplexing to maximize work area. Basically, I recognizes that the 27-inch frame with its thin bezel design provides a comfortable working space for office users. When used realistically to surf the web, enter text or process table of figures, I can perform large-scale operations easily without having to scroll through pages too much.

One of the highlights is the HP Display Assistant utility software, which improves productivity. Rather than adjusting the brightness, contrast, color, input settings with the on-screen buttons, the user can now conveniently perform the HP Display Assistant software interface.

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HP EliteDisplay 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor Black/Silver (1FH52A8#ABA): Buy it now

HP EliteDisplay 27-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor Black/Silver (1FH52AA#ABA): Buy it now

In addition to the options to adjust the basic image settings, this software helps your computer monitor not merely display conventional functions, but also adds many useful features. Desktop Partition, Theft Deterrence, Asset Management, etc.

In fact, the I recognizes Partitioning Desktop Partition for more convenient multi-tasking. The HP Display Assistant software offers the option to split the maximum screen area up to four separate workspaces. Then, users can click on the custom bar on each window and drag to the corresponding partition.

Meanwhile, Theft Deterrence feature in this software helps to deal with theft by darkening the screen being disconnected from the computer without the consent of the user. To use this feature is very simple, users only need to activate theft Deterrence mode, set the security PIN. From that point on, if you remove the monitor cable from this computer and attach it to another computer, you will need to enter the correct PIN code.

According to HP, the next-generation EliteDisplay E-Series 2017 monitors the user’s eyesight with the ability to reduce the amount of light blue (Low Blue Light), helping the user to avoid eyestrain work at high intensity and for long periods of time. In addition, the HP EliteDisplay line of monitors also delivers energy-efficient certificates that dramatically cut operating costs for businesses, while helping to save the environment clean and green.



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