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amazon HP EliteDisplay S270n reviews

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The HP EliteDisplay S270n is a new desktop computer model launched in early 2018, designed with specialized functionality specifically for business users. According to HP, this is a product of the company’s first EliteDisplay computer screen with 4K resolution. This monitor also features an easy-to-use direct connection to the HP EliteBook 800 Series laptops to deliver the perfect desktop experience, along with the ability to transfer power to your PC with just one cable. Unique USB Type-C connector.

Information on the HP website shows the 27-inch EliteDisplay S270n, a 16: 9 aspect ratio, that can display images up to 4K UHD resolution (3,840×2,160 pixels) at scan frequency. 60Hz, 350cd / m2 brightness, 5.4ms response time, 1.300: 1 contrast ratio and dynamic contrast ratio of up to 10.000.000: 1. This monitor uses IPS technology with LED backlighting system, providing viewing angles of 178 degrees in both vertical and horizontal directions.

In terms of looks, the HP EliteDisplay S270n screen uses a black finish for the entire bezel and back and base, with only the silver-gray base. I noticed that the S270n has a slimline top and two sides, giving a more spacious and comfortable working space for the office user. According to the company, this ultra-thin edge design will work if users want to pair multiple S270n monitors together, bringing a seamless feel to the display.

Unlike the HP EliteDisplay E273q, which was tested, the S270n’s stand is not removable but sticky, making it difficult to install and move. Therefore, according to Biareview, the ergonomically speaking HP EliteDisplay S270n is not as flexible as the E273q. Specifically, the S270n screen does not allow rotation around the axis as E273q but can only change the height up to 100mm or adjust the tilt by turning back 5 degrees or 23 degrees back.

In view of Biareview, another disadvantage of the design of the EliteDisplay S270n is that the control system is located behind the screen rather than the bottom or side edge as often seen on other models of HP. Specifically, the power on / off button and four other controls are located on the back near the right hip edge of the screen.

It’s because of this layout that when you want to make any adjustments related to the control menu, the user must put the finger back. This will basically make it a bit more difficult for first-time users to use this screen. But once you get used to it, I realizes that the operation is no longer a hassle.

On the interface, the HP EliteDisplay S270n is equipped with two DisplayPort 1.2 ports, two HDMI (1.4 and 2.0) ports, and a USB Type-C port. Behind the display there is an anti-theft lock. As originally introduced, this monitor model is designed to be easily connected to the HP EliteBook 800 Series laptops and is capable of transferring 60W of power to a PC via a single USB-C connector.

Specifically, when testing the connectivity of the HP EliteBook 830 G5 laptop with the HP EliteDisplay S270n screen with the included USB Type-C cable, I can easily export images from the laptop to the screen easily. In particular, according to the test Lab, at this screen can transfer power through USB Type-C to charge the laptop. During the test, when connected via a USB Type-C cable, the I also found that the laptop was still charging even when the screen was on or off.

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HP S270n 27″ WLED LCD Monitor – 16:9-5.30 ms GTG (OD): Buy it now

HP 2PD37A8 EliteDisplay S270n – LED monitor – 27 inch – 3840 x 2160 4K – IPS – 350 cd/m2-1300:1-5.4 ms – 2xHDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C – black, chrome plated, black onyx (base) – Smart Buy: Buy it now

This is an extremely useful feature that allows users to work on a laptop with just a single cable, no need to connect an HDMI cable to transfer images and add a power adapter. Own laptop as for other traditional computer monitors. This feature minimizes the confusion of many of the cables on the desk, and it’s also convenient to forget about carrying your laptop’s power adapter when you go to work.

In terms of image quality, the HP EliteDisplay S270n screen provides fresh, clear colors with the default settings when popping out. The 4K video is very smooth, showing all the details even in dark scenes. In particular, according to the manufacturer’s announcement, the S270n screen is coated with anti-glare coating on the surface, so the Lab test found the viewing angle is quite wide, the image does not color when changing the viewing angle. In particular, the picture still displays good quality.

In the control menu, the HP EliteDisplay S270n offers a variety of display modes such as Night, Reading, HP Enhance +, Multimedia (for video viewing). Photo (for photo, for users to edit photos with the most accurate color) and Custom (to adjust as you want). In addition, the screen also has a Low Blue Light mode to filter green light to help users use the screen without eye strain when working continuously high intensity.

Overall, the HP EliteDisplay S270n is designed to be integrated with the HP EliteBook 800 Series compliant laptops to provide a complete enterprise user experience. Connecting the laptop to the 4K screen will provide a superior, crisp display experience and wider working space.

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