Investor relations consultation in the vietnam enterprise

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  • EzSearch also a channel to provide information to assist enterprises in fulfilling their obligations to disclose information in accordance with the law for listed companies; It is also a channel to receive feedback from investors to help enterprises meet relevant information according to the needs of investors.
  • Disclosure of information through EzSearch will save the company the cost of maintaining personnel disclosure and management of this work; And the cost of investing in facilities for the storage of information; This ensures that the information disclosure is more effective than the Self-Deployment option.
  • Enhancing the liquidity of Shares; Enhance the image of the business
  • Stabilize the belief of current shareholders; Access to potential shareholders
  • Avoid stock price fluctuations, sell off shares due to false information or investors can not handle the information
  • Avoid the risk of being trafficked from the outside as a result of “Company’s” inaccurate bad rumors.
  • Harmonize the relationship of interests between the enterprises themselves, investors, analysts and securities brokers … based on the feedback collected through the  EzSearch and FPTS consultants.



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