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The Botvac Connected vacuum cleaner robot is packaged in a hard paper box with outstanding product images on the box.

The back of Botvac Connected’s outstanding information and performance features include an exclusive vacuum cleaner technology called Spinflow Power Clear, laser-based mapping technology (LIDAR technology), the advantages of D-shaped vacuum cleaner robot and the ability to connect to smartphones to control the robot remotely.

The Connected Botvac occupies almost the entire area inside the box. The accessories are located separately on the side.

In addition to the manual, accessories included in the box include a power cord and an auto-charge dock, a USB-OTG cable used for software updates, a magnetic tape to prevent robots from entering the area we do not want (also known as virtual wall) and finally a spare broom.

The image above is a specialized cleaning broom for wood flooring and ceramic flooring. This blade has soft silicon wiper blades to sweep away debris on wooden floors or ceramic floors. During operation, the soft brushes of the brush act as a rain goggles on the car’s glass, constantly misting and ripping off the floor surface to collect dirt as well as debris. This broom also has the function of cleaning and polishing wood floors and floor tiles.

Botvac Connected has a D-shaped design, the whole body is made of rough plastic. This design allows the robot to access and clean the edges and footprints more effectively than circular robot models. In addition, the D-shaped design creates more space for the main broom area than the circular robot.

Featured on the machine is a smart laser scanner cluster. This sensor will scan 360 degrees continuously to detect obstacles and set records for the room. Beside the sensor cluster, we have a 2 inch display with touch-sensitive navigation buttons, back and select.

The top of the robot has a dust container capacity of up to 700ml, very large capacity in the robot vacuum cleaner products on the market today.

The on/off switch is cleverly sealed under the lid of a dust container.

The bottom of the dust container has two basic cleaning modes: the home is the cleaning of the whole area of ​​the apartment; And the small square icon button is the cleanup mode in the specified area. Between the buttons of the two cleaning modes there is a niche to hold, bringing robots to the areas needing sanitation conveniently.

Along with a laser-assisted detector, the manufacturer offers a sensor bar to prevent collisions and help the robot change direction when it comes to obstruction.

The bottom of the stamped product shows that the robot was designed by Neato Robotics in California and assembled in China, quite similar to the iPhone.

The two main moving wheels of the robot can work independently, lowering altitude to move in accordance with the terrain in the house. In addition to the two main wheels, the product has four additional wheels located at four angles to help the robot operate in complex terrain.

Along the D-shaped side is the brush and vacuum of the robot. The brush is designed interlaced with a regular brush and a soft plush brush, also known as a multi-purpose brush for cleaning on carpets and floors, floor tiles. The main brush is designed for the front of the main wheels so the entire weight of the front end is centered. This helps soft rubber bars on the main brush press and intensify on the floor surface, increasing cleaning efficiency.

Due to the long brush, the manufacturer added 5 small plastic rods along the length of the brush to prevent objects such as ball pens, wires .. wrapped in brush during suction.

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The main brush also has a soft white blade. This blade combines two side brushes to block the suction air that is dispersed to the rear, concentrating the suction air to the front of the brush to increase the suction power of the machine. It’s the Neato Robotics’ own design, known as the SpinFlow Power Clean technology.

Botvac Connected adds an edge-to-edge brush to the edges of the wall and to the corners where the main brush does not reach. This brush has sweep bars of sufficient length to bring garbage and dust to the main brush.

This vacuum cleaner has three infrared sensors: two sensors on top and one sensor on the side of the machine. The two sensors are dual sensor type, including one anti-fall sensor (when entering the stairs) and one height sensor. Thanks to the height sensor, when it comes to areas such as the partition between wooden floors and ceramic tiles, the robot will recognize that the height of safety can go forward. Many types of intelligent robots do not have height sensors, so when it comes to the position of the bar between the floor and tile floor, the machine will stop, do not dare to go through the depth of the bar with the other floor.

The proximity sensor, also known as wall sensor, helps the robot to detect and walk close to the wall (1cm) to clean the edges of the table, chair and objects.

The robot also has a loudspeaker to warn when switching modes, as well as weak battery notifications or other errors during the robot operation.


Compared to the automatic vacuum cleaners we have had the opportunity to experience recently, the highlight of the Neato Botvac Connected is its powerful suction, large brush and can suction hair and pet hair, which Many other automatic vacuum cleaners are not suction. This vacuum cleaner uses 360-degree laser-guided laser sensors to guide and create a vacuum cleaner in the home, which is more efficient than using a camera on many vacuum cleaners, especially in low light areas. In addition, Neato Botvac Connected’s automatic charging docking capability is also very accurate, even with multi-room homes. However, Neato Botvac Connected’s biggest problem is its current high price.



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