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amazon Oppo F1s reviews

amazon Oppo F1s reviews Oppo F1s on amazon newest Oppo F1s prices of Oppo F1s Oppo F1s deals best deals on Oppo F1s buying a Oppo F1s lastest Oppo F1s what is a Oppo F1s Oppo F1s at amazon where to buy Oppo F1s where can i you get a Oppo F1s online purchase Oppo F1s Oppo F1s sale off Oppo F1s discount cheapest Oppo F1s Oppo F1s for sale

Detailed configuration of Oppo F1s:

Display: 5.5 inch HD, 267 ppi, 2.5D curved screen.

Processor: Mediatek MT6750 8 core 1.5GHz.


Front / rear camera: 16MP / 13MP.

Pin: 3075mAh.

Operating System: Android 5.1 Lollipop, ColorOS V3.0.0i.

Internal memory: 32GB, external memory card support.

Supports 2 SIM, LTE connectivity.


Oppo F1s carries a monolithic metal design. Overall, the machine is quite thin and light with a thickness of 7.4mm and weighs 160g. However, the machine is slightly heavier when compared with the predecessor Oppo F1 or Oppo F1 Plus brothers. This is partly because Oppo has raised the battery capacity of F1s to 3075 mAh (F1 only holds a 2500 mAh battery). Therefore, it is quite reasonable to trade off a bit of design to get better use.

Also, on the overall design, F1s generally inherit a lot from the F1 Plus, most easily seen in the metal finish of the machine. Looking at it from the front, it’s pretty hard to distinguish between F1s and F1 Plus. Instead of using AMOLED panels as on F1 Plus, F1s go back to using traditional LCD panels, and, of course, this will also affect the benzel edge of the machine. On F1 Plus, the border of the screen is only about 1.66mm, F1s does not own such impressive numbers, but somewhat better than the F1. The good news for F1s users is that they are protected by the all-new Gorilla Glass 4, which promises to improve resistance to physical collisions.

Like F1 Plus, Oppo maintains a built-in fingerprint sensor on the F1s. This sensor for reading speed is very fast and accurate. Clicking on the Home key will almost instantly take you to the home screen, a very significant plus. Oppo also eliminates the cumbersome transitions when unlocked, combined with the ultra-sensitive fingerprint sensor that saves time as well as gives a fast and smooth feel to the machine. The only deduction perhaps is that this is not a one-touch fingerprint sensor (nor too much of a problem).

The back of the F1s is completely metallic, with the exception of two plastic antenna stripes. However, the machine does not bring the feeling of sticking hands at the same time quite slippery if you do not use the machine with the back. The top of the machine is nothing but a noise-canceling mic.

The bottom edge is where the 3.5mm headphone jack, the main audio mic, the MicroUSB port and the speakerphone are designed symmetrically, but only one side produces audio.

The left side is where the volume keys are raised and lowered, placed in a position that is easy to handle when holding, however, if placed on the table, it is quite difficult to properly press these keys due to the design bending to the side. In the back of the machine. The edge must contain the power button with a position that is quite reasonable, easy for us to reach with the index finger or thumb. Most notably, F1s support us both as a SIM and a separate memory card, providing high usability in the process of using.

amazon Oppo F1s reviews Oppo F1s on amazon newest Oppo F1s prices of Oppo F1s Oppo F1s deals best deals on Oppo F1s buying a Oppo F1s lastest Oppo F1s what is a Oppo F1s Oppo F1s at amazon where to buy Oppo F1s where can i you get a Oppo F1s online purchase Oppo F1s Oppo F1s sale off Oppo F1s discount cheapest Oppo F1s Oppo F1s for sale

where can you get a Oppo F1s online

OPPO F1s 3GB RAM / 32GB ROM 5.5″ 4G/LTE Unlocked Dual-Sim Android Smartphone (Gold): Buy it now


In the midst of the 5-inch screen is becoming standard now, 5.5 inches seems to be the size preferred by users than just keep the same usability and space to experience, The use is over. Oppo may have brought one of the factors that made F1 Plus a success with F1s, but to keep a reasonable price F1s has been cut quite a lot in terms of display quality.

F1s back to traditional LCD panels with a resolution of only 720p. Of course, from the perspective of normal use, the machine is quite sharp and not too porous unless you close your eyes to the screen. However, the sharpness is significantly reduced and can be seen with the naked eye. This is also the biggest minus of Oppo F1s. With a maximum brightness of around 420 nit, the visibility of the direct light of F1s is not very good. In return, black background is quite deep, suitable for watching movies, entertainment image. In general, the screen is not a strong point on Oppo F1s, if you are not too important on screen resolution, F1s can still meet your daily needs.

Battery life

Battery capacity is the brightest improvement of Oppo F1s when compared to the predecessor Oppo F1. The Oppo F1s is equipped with a 3075 mAh battery, which is significantly higher than the F1 (2500 mAh) or even the F1 Plus (2850 mAh). In addition, with the addition of a HD platform, in terms of time spent, this is probably the plus point of Oppo F1s. With Biareview battery test, the F1s achieved impressive results with 75 hours of mixed use via 3G test, web surfing and video playback tests. Therefore, F1s can perfectly meet your basic needs for at least one day. If you just listen to, surf the web, two days of use is entirely possible. Unfortunately, the F1s are not equipped with Oppo’s advanced VOOC fast charger.


Oppo F1s are available on a completely new ColorOS 3.0 platform that Oppo customizes based on the Android 5.1 Lollipop. However, users will find it difficult to recognize the direction of the Android platform on F1s because Oppo has a deep customization of both the interface and features, giving users the feeling of using the iOS operating system from Apple. The only remaining feature of Android is the service as well as Google’s built-in app. The user interface is flat, light and colorful.

The plus of the new ColorOS interface on F1s is that it gives the user a sense of comfort and fun to use. In it, the first impression that ColorOS 3.0 brings to us is the unique lock screen interface is very unique when it is possible to manually change the wallpaper continuously every time the user unlock. With a wealth of wallpapers and customizable favorites, this is a great plus for those who appreciate change and do not want to be bundled or bored in the process.

Fitting the home button with the fingerprint sensor almost become an indispensable feature on today’s smartphone devices. Unfortunately, we still have to light up the screen before we want to unlock the machine because this is not a one-touch sensor. Oppo also added to F1s fingerprint fingerprint feature to open the app to the user’s liking, very useful.

Switching to the home screen of F1s, this can be said as point confusing and familiar users when the interface of F1s too much like Apple’s iOS. Oppo completely removed the App Drawer on F1s and instead filled the application interface to the home screen. Users still have options to include the app in the directory or add to the widgets.

Another great plus is that Oppo has an extremely rich repository of themes, allowing users to customize the interface very deeply and will not be boring as on smartphones from rival companies.

The top-down swipe will be the area of ​​the status message bar designed with the main black background and the background blur in the back, which is quite impressive. The status bar on F1s is split into two tabs with a tab displaying the message and allowing users to customize as well as block notifications from unwanted applications. The remaining tab is of course the area for quick customizations.

Layout in Settings is a point unless there is confusion and lack of arrangement makes it difficult for users to find a separate installation. And still keep the tradition as on other Oppo devices, F1s offer a lot of clever touch gestures for users including drawing to open apps, take screenshots, enable one-touch mode. Hands or turn over the phone to silence the bell. Users also have the ability to customize or create new smart gestures themselves, according to Oppo said the intelligent gestures on F1s can be customized indefinitely based on the rich imagination of user.

In terms of user interface, it is undeniable that OPPO has borrowed too many iOS 9 interface ideas onto its ColorOS 3.0. However, in a positive way, this is also good for new smartphone users because everyone knows that iOS is intuitive, simple and takes less time to get used to. But let’s say it clearly, this has little to do with the reputation of a big company like OPPO, when it is constantly being criticized by the public for not copying the design but also the history. Use of another company.


Unlike the Oppo F1 predecessor powered by the Qualcomm midrange Snapdragon 616 chip, Oppo decided to switch to Meditak on Oppo F1s, specifically the Mediatek MT6750. On overall performance, in general F1s do not have much difference when compared to F1 predecessors. Plus, with up to 3GB of RAM and a full HD 720p display, it’s also about speed and performance, and the multitasking capabilities are smoother.

However, the performance benchmark of Oppo F1s is not very impressive as the MT6750 chip has only average performance. With the overall performance benchmark Antutu software, F1s have averaged 30657, even lower than the previous Oppo F1.

With Intel’s Geekbench processor-specific comparisons, in a single test, Oppo F1s scored 706 and Multi-core 2967. In general, the performance of the MT6750 chip was sufficient to meet Good general usage needs daily. And for those who are looking for a high-performance device, a fast execution capability for games, heavy applications, F1s may not be the device you are looking for.

The same applies to graphics GPU power when Oppo F1s reaches only 240 points with 3DMark software that evaluates 3D graphics performance. Obviously, this is not a hard hit on the configuration, Oppo F1s is probably aimed at designer favorites, selfie, especially ladies.

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The camera is probably one of the bright spots Oppo particularly emphasizes when the F series carries the slogan “Selfie Expert – Expert Selfie”. And, as the name implies, F1s have up to 16MP front camera and are even higher than the rear camera with 13MP resolution. Interestingly, the rear camera has an aperture of f / 2.2, which is smaller than the front camera with f / 2.0, which clearly shows Oppo’s direction with the F1s.

The interface on Oppo F1s shares a lot of similarities with the iOS platform on the iPhone and does not make much difference when compared to other Oppo devices. Simplified to the mainstream, sliding right or left in the shooting screen will help users switch to options such as movie, Timelapse, Panorama or beauty mode. At the top will be the location of the installation keys as fast as Flash, HDR, switch camera before. Users have more options for taking pictures by voice or waving to selfie shots.

Especially on Oppo F1s there is the appearance of Expert Mode, professional manual mode that allows users to intervene deeply into the camera parameters such as White Balance, EV rise, ISO as well as adjust the exposure value. From 1s to a maximum of 16s. Also, for those who are critical of post-production, the ability to save RAW images with the choice of UltraHD images with 51MP is a huge plus.

Overall, the quality of the photos from F1s is pretty good for producing photos with acceptable detail but sadly not comparable to the Oppo F1 Plus. Although theoretically, the camera hardware of F1s and F1 Plus is almost identical. The most obvious difference is the sharpness of the edges of F1s is quite poor, tone on F1s is slightly pale, not color blind eye. Generally under full bright conditions, the camera catches fast, fine details, but not too prominent.

In addition, the ability to capture Auto of F1s is also what makes users anxious when the machine’s metering system is not stable. The same scene when taken in Auto mode can give us two completely different pictures of the light. Therefore, if you can do Expert mode capture will bring the picture with better quality.

In contrast, the HDR on F1s works very well, the good area details are resurrected, the overall picture taken with the HDR for detail as well as the light better, especially the backlit shots.

In low light conditions, with large open apertures, photos from Oppo F1s are well lit but software processing is not good. The photos show poor details, lots of noise and are pretty damned. In contrast to dark images with light sources on the subject, the picture quality will be significantly improved.

Front camera also scored when OPPO equipped with high resolution up to 16MP. The aperture of the front camera is even bigger than the rear camera with f / 2.0 that promises a selfie capability in low light conditions which is great. Beauty Mode beauty mode will also help you smooth skin, clear acne. In addition, high resolution resolution also contributes to the selfie images with good detail. Generally, not as big as the title “Expert Selfie”.


Oppo F1s can be seen as a cheap version of the Oppo F1 Plus with some screen cuts, configured to bring a device at a more affordable price. However, outstanding features such as metal monolithic design, impressive selfie camera and super-fast fingerprint sensor are still maintained by Oppo on F1s. In general, F1s are targeting the segment of users who prefer selfie shooting, especially women, not too heavy on configuration, processing power, especially when F1s own eye-catching, fashionable. However, if you are looking for a smartphone to play heavy games, strong configurations, F1s are definitely not for you.



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