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Oppo F3

amazon Oppo F3 reviewsThe Oppo F3 is basically a smartphone designed for the needs of selfie photography, as the front camera is almost backed up by the manufacturer for all the hardware and software from […]

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WD My Book

amazon WD My Book reviewsBeautifully designed, large capacity, high-speed USB 3.0 ports and secure backup software make WD My Book an effective, secure, and cost-effective external storage drive. My Book is a desktop external hard […]

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Adata SD700

amazon Adata SD700 reviews Equipped with super durable shell, integrated NAND flash memory chip with USB 3.1 Gen1, SSD, Adata SD700 is a mobile data storage solution suitable for users who need high performance and […]

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Samsung DeX

amazon Samsung DeX reviewsUsers have long enjoyed the idea of ​​having a device that serves both the phone and the computer. Many tech companies like Motozola (ATRIX), Asus (PadFone S), Acer (Liquid Jade Primo) or […]

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SJCam SJ7 Star

amazon SJCam SJ7 Star reviewsSJCam’s high-end action camera features 4K resolution, beautifully designed and powerful anti-vibration. SJCam is a famous brand in action camera line, with cheap products (only from $100 for a camera action) […]

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Canon 77D

amazon Canon 77D reviewsDesign familiar, easy to grip When Canon introduced the Canon 760D, it was the most advanced entry-level DSLR model, targeting amateurs who already had some knowledge of the camera and began to […]

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Moto M

amazon Moto M reviewsDesign Moto M’s monolithic design is quite eye catching and striking in the mid-range segment. While many machines in the same price range usually use metal backing with two large pieces of […]