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amazon MSI GT73VR reviews Intel Kaby Lake officially launched, and MSI is also very fast equipped for the 17″ gaming laptop, GT73VR, which is even worse with the latest generation Kaby Lake laptop model, i7-7820HK. […]

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amazon MSI GL62M 7RDX reviews Design Although it has been upgraded in many respects, the MSI GL62M 7RDX still features the GL product line that most people who are used to it will recognize. The […]

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amazon MSI GT70 reviews MSI’s new gaming laptop power is no less impressive than the high-end desktop. In addition, the MSI GT70 is equipped with full HD display and Dynaudio 2.1 speakers to satisfy the […]

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amazon MSI G41M4-F reviews Simple design, support for essential features and technologies, MSI G41M4-F is suitable for building a desktop computer with moderate cost and good performance. Designed with the compact microATX standard size, the […]

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amazon MSI GT683DXR reviews Beautifully designed, sporty design, hardware configuration no less competitive than desktop PCs, MSI’s gaming console makes it easy to complete tests at Test Labs with remarkable scores. The MSI GT683DXR hardware […]