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U-Jays is designed as a compact on-ear with Jays style minimalist look. The outer surface is made of solid metal. This section features music controls like PXC550 from Sennheiser and Sony 1000x.

On the right ear there is a charging connector and a 3.5mm jack for listening to music with the cord off the battery and the power button.

Ear cushions are made of high quality leather, giving a comfortable feel. The back padding is not thick, but the soft material is still on the ear is made of heavy metal, so the headset will feel tired after about 1 hour of use, but also just take off the headset for a while is able to use next.


– Dynamic speaker membrane

– Frequency: 10-20,000 Hz

– Impedance: 32 ohm

– Bluetooth 4.1 with Qualcomm’s aptX

– Battery play music about 25 hours

Practical experience

The lack of active noise protection as the more advanced headphones, but U-jays are made close as well as the ear tip quite close so passive noise is quite good. As for controls, users can press to turn music on or receive a call, swipe forward to move the song, or swipe up and down to change the volume. This sensor is very sensitive, not lose anything Sen PXC550.

The sound of the U-Jays was a bit dark, warm and swirling. U-Jays’ sound as well as Jays headphones are generally fairly straightforward, although they are recommended for young people. U-jays is suitable for those who like the latest features, but do not like the sound too heavy or different.

Bass U-jays are a bit more average, but only a little more than not too much. In the first use U-Jays will feel as heavy bass and heavy but long heard not see. The sub bass is deep enough, just like the PXC550, so much control should focus quite a place. Not much as well as depth not too impressive but the sub bass to play down is shaking quite strong. Walking in the sky with sub bass emerged U-jays show quite good, high rumble but not much volume should also not tired. The mid bass also retains the same amount of power, and is also compacted to a point should have punchy enough just enough. Try with Rude, the drums play up force, speed is not high but does not pull the long tail. The U-jays can listen to rock, but the songs are moderately fast, the songs are too high, the bass is not enough to sense all the drums. This bass is also quite mixed, not natural on a certain line so it is quite easy to mix.

Mid of the U-jays are made quite strange, though not made straight forward, but still carry a prominent stand out. Medium distribution is also uneven, the high mid is slightly more slightly than the low mid, so the mid is floating on the dark background. The low mid section was not too loud, meaning that Leonard Cohen’s voice in Hallelujah was not heavy and dark, which seemed a bit younger than age, but not too much. This mid-range of course is slightly fuzzier, not faint, and resembles original music like reference earphones. The high mid is more prominent than the low mid, so jazz or female vocalist will be stronger, but this part is well cut to avoid sibalance. The mid section is thick, but if it goes a little bit better. But in general, this is still a good mid-range and consistent with the noise of the headphones.

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JAYS u Wireless Bluetooth Premium Headphones (Black/Black): Buy it now

The treble of the headphones is not missing as the onear for the dance music. The amount of treble, enough to listen but not too much. To match the general sound, this section is not too high, no peak point should sound pretty sweet and compact. With dance tracks like Specter, the whispers in the song can not stand out like heavy V-shape earphones, but they play out better than bass-oriented earphones. This part really does not stand out, but still enough to listen, making U-jays become good headphones.


– Metal finish

– Wireless Connectivity

– Controlled music

– Sound substance, easy to hear


– Onear wears a bit too lightly


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