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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

amazon Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege reviews Rainbow Six Siege: With an increasingly “cramped” competitive team game market with dozens of “similar” products, it is vital to make a mark of its own. That is difficult for any developer, but things seem even more “difficult” for Ubisoft. After two consecutive years with the promising blockbuster products, …

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Hitman Intro Pack

amazon Hitman Intro Pack reviews Hitman – Having passed ten years since the bloody baptism ended the long journey of Agent 47 associated with the name Hitman, introduced to the grave the concept of “social stealth” (action secret mixed with the crowd) and created an experience associated with the extremely successful “art of assassination.” In …

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Far Cry Primal

amazon Far Cry Primal reviews Far Cry Primal – Speaking of Far Cry, we should start from the tropical island of Micronesia in Oceania occupied by mercenaries and monsters. The fire desert an Africa torn apart by “blood diamond,” Rook island of bloodthirsty pirates, to Kyrat country located in the beautiful Himalayas engulfed by civil …

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WWE 2K18

amazon WWE 2K18 reviews There have been plenty of games released over the years that prove that graphics are indeed a more visually satisfying experience, but if the content doesn’t improve, stagnate, and fall behind, then it won’t. The game will lose its position, and unfortunately, WWE 2K18 accidentally stomped on the road! The image …

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