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FAAEAL Hibiscus

amazon FAAEAL Hibiscus reviews DESIGN AND FINISHING Admittedly, the average user has never had such good headset options. At less than $100, Faaeal Hibiscus carries the design of hundreds of dollars IEM headphones. Faaeal Hibiscus has 5 different color versions, the version I have on hand is the transparent version and is the most popular …

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Xduoo Link

amazon Xduoo Link reviews Xduoo XD05 Plus debuted as a convincing comeback of Xduoo after a period of silence. This is inherently a portable DAC / AMP model, but it has the ability to pull full-size headphones as gently as stereos and accompanied by solid, detailed sound. Shortly after that, Xduoo continued to launch a …

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Whizzer TP1S

amazon Whizzer TP1S reviews WHIZZER TP1s DESIGN AND FINISHING At first glance, it seems that the Whizzer TP1s has a similar design to TP1, but I have no doubt that the Whizzer TP1s still retains 100% of the old design of TP1. Whizzer seems to admire and imitate Apple, adding an S after its new …

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Tin Hifi T4

amazon Tin Hifi T4 reviews Tin Hifi T4 is the latest headset from Tin Hifi. This sound company has caused a stir in the entire audio community worldwide after continuously producing blockbusters that have superior quality compared to Tin T2 or recently Tin P1. Tin Hifi T4 is the successor of Tin T3. This time …

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SoundPeats TrueAIR

amazon SoundPeats TrueAIR reviews SoundPEATS TrueAIR is the latest headset in the set of 3 True Wireless headphones that have just been released by SoundPEATS. Despite being in the low-price segment, this product has a lot of differences compared to previous products of SoundPEATS. Let’s find out about those features through this article. DESIGN AND …

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Shuoer Tape

amazon Shuoer Tape reviews The Walkman legend was a revolution in handheld audio when it was first launched in 1979 by Sony. The cassette technology gives music lovers a high-quality sound experience at an unbeatable price. And then, it conquered nearly the entire world during that period. I tell this story because it has a …

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Shozy Form 1.1

amazon Shozy Form 1.1 reviews DESIGN AND FINISHING Shozy Form 1.1 has a compact droplet design similar to iBasso IT01s but it’s not what special about the appearance of this headset. So far, the type of housing finishing with a resin material can only be found on mid-range headphones, some models do not even have …

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amazon BLON BL-03 reviews DESIGN AND FINISHING Happily, the design and finish of the BLON-BL03 are on a completely different level from the packaging. The housing part of BLON BL-03 is cast from solid Kirsite alloy. The casing is polished like a mirror. The feeling of holding BLON BL-03 in my hand makes me think …

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Hilidac atom Pro

amazon Hilidac atom Pro reviews DESIGN AND FINISHING Hilidac atom Pro is extremely compact in size and weighs a mere 6g. Inspired by the shape of an atom, that’s why the shape of the Hilidac atom Pro is nearly circular. However, to optimize the user experience, Hilidac has tweaked a few details: cutting out the …

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