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GRID Legends

amazon GRID Legends reviews While it doesn’t have a large market presence like Xbox’s Forza or Playstation’s Gran Turismo, the Grid sports car series still has a cult following. The reason Grid achieves this, (besides being cross-platform) is that the series possesses a relatively realistic driving mechanism, which lies on the line between “Arcade” and …

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amazon ELEX II reviews “Old does not mean outdated”, is the motto not only of game developer Piranha Bytes but for the whole CRPG genre – a game genre that has won its own “renaissance era”. I rely on passion rather than the need to follow trends. But, from the player’s point of view, how …

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WWE 2K22

amazon WWE 2K22 reviews WWE 2K22 is the latest version of the “American wrestling” series based on the famous WWE TV channel. The game also marks the return after the “disastrous failure” of the WWE 2K20 version, the source of the WWE 2K21 version not being released. WWE 2K22 is also the first game that …

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