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amazon Returnal reviews Returnal – There are not many roguelike games that seamlessly combine gameplay with a storyline like Returnal: the main character falls on a strange planet, caught in an endless loop between life and death, and the only way out is to discover the secret hidden inside. The rise of the “roguelike” game …

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The Pathless

amazon The Pathless reviews The Pathless – The game is made by the Giant Squid team, the studio that made the ABZU game in 2016. After releasing the introductory trailers, the writer’s feeling at that time was very much looking forward to because the game’s graphic style was very similar to Shadow of the Colossus, …

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Balan Wonderworld

amazon Balan Wonderworld reviews Balan Wamazon Balan Wonderworld reviewsonderworld – The big guy Square Enix currently has quite a few paper titles: Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XIV expansion: Endwalker, Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II, Forspoken, etc. but the latest is a brand new game, Balan Wonderworld. Co-produced by Square Enix and veteran couple …

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