5 Simple ways to make your headphone better

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You are quite satisfied with your headset, but after a while of use, you find that it is still missing something like a little bass, or the sound is sticky, the mid is not sweet or simply If you want the sound quality of your ears to change a bit, here are five simple ways to make your headphones better.

1. Replace other earplugs: This method usually applies to in-ear ear models; the sound quality of the in-ear models depends a lot on the fit and soundproofing ability when worn, so change With a little change, we can enjoy a complete sound:

Foam Sponge

– In high-end headset models to increase sound quality and comfort when using, users often come to high-end sponge foams with the ability to change the shape to best suit the ear canal. Users, usually when using foam sponge, will be more detailed, the soundstage is expanded, and the sound insulation is better.

Silicone Foam

– With popular headset models such as Xiaomi Piston, Moxpad X3 … usually, the included ear tips are quite thin and hard, this makes the soundproofing and fits limited, to overcome you can use Sony or Dunu Silicone Tips for better sound insulation. Actual testing shows that better headphones will give a clear sound with stronger and deeper bass, more advanced and prominent mids when used with Tip.

2. Change the signal conductor: This method usually applies to in-ear or head-mounted models with detachable signal leads. Actual testing shows that the sound quality of the headphones will be better or worse when the headphones are replaced with another signal conductor; this is related to the signal transmission ability and the noise of the wire. To help your headphones have better sound quality, you need to replace the ear with a signal wire with better quality.

Replace silver wire for IEM

– If you own a headset that is too dark with a lot of basses and wants a brighter sound, you can look for models of silver copper wire or pure silver wire; your headphones will sound fresh, cool.

– If you own a headset with too bright sound, with too sharp treble and weak bass, you want the sound to be balanced with a stronger bass range, you can look for effective conductor models. More pure copper, OCC copper is a conductor model that greatly increases the amount of bass for your headphones.

In addition, with high-end headset models, you can enhance the headset’s sound quality by replacing the wire-type earphones using the Balance port; the sound will certainly be improved and more equal. However, it requires your source also to use the Balance jack.

3. Choose a good quality music source: You should remember that no matter how good your headphones are, your poor quality music source will not help you hear it well, so the first thing when playing headphones should choose for themselves high-quality music files; I have to be at least 320kps mp3 music, better choose music Lossless music, FLAC, WAV, APE … and higher, choose 24bit music or music files HD quality like DSD, DXD in ISO file format… Shouldn’t choose music of lower quality than 320kps because these tracks are lighter in size and easy to upload or use online; people have converted and trimmed them down much more than the original recording.

4. Add Headphone Amplifier to headphones for high impedance or low sensitivity:

If you own headphones that are difficult to pull, turn up the volume to the max but still can’t hear clearly, or the sound output is somewhat slow, mysterious, and tired. It’s because the input voltage is not enough for this headset, and what you need to do is provide the headset with the necessary voltage. Using a Headphone Amplifier will help you solve this problem; besides providing enough AMP voltage, it also helps you improve the sound quality and color of the headphones through the condenser or lamp system Semiconductor. Through actual use, I found that the most significant changes when using a Headphone Amplifier are the amount of bass, the width, and the ability to separate the instrument.

5. Improve the quality of the source: There are usually two ways to improve the quality of the source:

The easiest is to enhance through software; you can choose a carefully programmed music player for yourself. You can decode many music formats, especially difficult ones such as DSD, DXD.., with windows computers, you can choose Foobar or Mac computers, VOX, or Decibel. With mobile devices running ISO, you can choose software that can play Lossless music; on Android devices, you can use MX Player; on iOS, I usually use Golden Ear…

– Enhance source quality with a DAC. That is the most thorough and effective way to enhance sound quality for the most comprehensive source. Suppose you use sources with low-quality audio decoders such as desktop computers, laptops that do not support Cardsound, or most phones and tablets running the Android operating system. The use of an additional DAC will help have a better quality source because the high-quality audio processing chip in the DAC will replace the chip default on your computer or phone. At the same time, the DAC also has an AMP circuit built in to help increase the voltage for your headphones; if you are using a computer or mobile phone running Android and are using high impedance headphones or If the sensitivity is low, the DAC is the best choice to enhance the sound quality of your headphones


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