About us

History of formation and development

Biareview was born on 01/02/2016 with the purpose of sharing for consumer about information product with factorial: discount, sale off, best deal, cheap price. Set criteria toward become a social network between customers and shop owners, we always offer perspectives from both sides by the way clearly and neutrally. Look forward to the contributions of everyone on site.

Team Group

Biareview was established and desire from the founder’s idea: Ha Hai Dinh, at the same time, in the process of operation Biareview has strong support from advisors and experts in technology and content including Mr. Ha Tuan Dat, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Mr. Tran Duc Hieu.

With the willpower of the project team members and a network of enthusiastic, experienced, and passionate collaborators in e-commerce. Biareview has been and will constantly research, innovate, and develop a variety of flexible services to ensure the goal of providing customers with superior review articles.

Biareview’s vision

Biareview is built to become the leading product review magazine on the market in the product areas it introduces to readers:

– Perfect quality

– Diverse and specialized products

– Professional service style

– High reliability with a background of board members giving independent views

Biareview mission

Building an advanced and effective management model, ensuring the sustainable development of the project, adding value to readers and consumers.

Professionalize human resources and operational organizational structure, build a professional working environment, encourage efforts to strive, contribute, and stick to the project for a long time.

Diversified rating products are presented with high quality and distinction.

Building a modern and advanced information technology system and content rating system to perfectly meet the needs of readers, organize communication networks, and ensure honesty in publishing publications.

“Connection” between consumers and suppliers of products; between buyers and sellers; among the participants in the market to come together to increase benefits and reduce costs.

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