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amazon APPLE IMAC M1 reviews New design, new processor, and new display all add up to the winning formula for Apple’s latest iMac model. The iMac model below is unlike any iMac that has come before, and it all comes from the M1 chip. Of course, there are other differences between this 24-inch iMac and …

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amazon Airpods reviews Apple AirPods not only shocked the user with the familiar design of the earpods, but also eliminated the wires. With the price of over $200 in the market, it is very high for a headset with medium sound quality. After using the AirPods to experience and see the key that has done …

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Apple iPhone X

amazon Apple iPhone X reviews Design and screen Despite its eye-catching looks, users still can disappointing that the design of the iPhone X was leaked before it was announced. In return, the class and sophistication of the machine still attract much attention of technology. The highlight of this product is the Super Retina display on …

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Apple iPhone 8

amazon Apple iPhone 8 reviews Design Apple iPhone 8 has the same design as its predecessor, Apple iPhone 7, from the physical Home button, screen size, rounded corners and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The only major difference is that the back of the iPhone 8 is made of glass, so that the two ugly antenna …

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