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Lenovo Legion 5i

amazon Lenovo Legion 5i reviews Referring to Lenovo, most likely you will immediately think of “serious” laptops like the legendary ThinkPad or ThinkBook, Yoga, but Lenovo also has a product line for gamers called Legion. Since the launch of the first product, which is now the 7th generation, Lenovo has constantly improved and improved the …

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amazon RODE NTH100 reviews Rode has always been known as a manufacturer of high-end studio equipment, this brand has been around for more than 60 years, and all of its products from recording mics, soundcards, or other accessories are used. User reviews are very good in terms of both durability and features. The only thing …

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amazon TRN TA1 MAX reviews The TRN TA1 is a headphone model that has resonated greatly, not only because of its somewhat similar appearance to the Sony IER Z1R but also because of its outstanding finish and sound quality in its price range. After a while, TRN continued to launch TRN TA1 Max as an …

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B&O Beoplay EX

amazon B&O Beoplay EX reviews B&O Beoplay EX is a true wireless headset of very good quality. It has a beautiful design, a comfortable wearing experience, excellent sound quality, fast wireless connectivity, long battery life, and highly effective noise cancellation. Design and wearing experience In terms of design, Beoplay EX has an eye-catching appearance and …

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