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amazon KZ ZEX Pro reviews KZ – is a familiar name in the audio enthusiast community by targeting the low-priced in-ear headphones market, providing users with “good-cheap” products. However, most of its headset models or the recent launch of ZEX have received a lot of feedback from a large number of users, both positive and …

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DUNU Titan S

amazon DUNU Titan S reviews Titan S – was released by the company at the end of 2021; The Dynamic Driver Support Sample is currently a formidable opponent of Moondrop Aria (2021) – the product that wobbles the audiophile community with promising sound quality and many other competitors in the same price range. Specifications: Driver …

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Audio Technica CM2000ti

amazon Audio Technica CM2000ti reviews In September 2018, Audio-Technica released three new headphones with titanium alloy case number 2000Ti, earbud CM2000Ti, in-ear CKM2000Ti, and AP2000Ti full-size headphones. All three headsets adopt new technology: Diamond Carbon Fiber Diaphragm + Iron Alloy High Flux Circuit. Among them, the CM2000Ti earbud is the new flagship of the CM …

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DragonFly Cobalt

amazon DragonFly Cobalt reviews AudioQuest has just continued to expand its famous DragonFly portable DAC product line by releasing a new version called DragonFly Cobalt, which has an “ultra-compact” size, supporting Hi-Res and MQA. DragonFly Cobalt was born to become the most advanced DAC decoder ever of the DragonFly series, with the expectation of helping …

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Geek Wold GK10

amazon Geek Wold GK10 reviews Specifications: Driver: 2 DD (1 for bass and 1 for mid-range) + 1 BA (for low treble) + 2 Piezoelectric (for high treble) (according to manufacturer’s information) Impedance: 8 Ohms Frequency range: 20Hz – 30kHz Sensitivity: 106dB Pin type: 2-pin 0.78 Accessories included in the box include: 3 pairs of …

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iFi xDSD

amazon iFi xDSD reviews The leading manufacturer in the field of portable decoders iFi Audio has recently introduced a new hi-res DAC called xDSD. This device doubles as both a DAC decoder and a headphone amplifier, supporting high-end digital audio formats such as MQA, PCM 768kHz, and DSD512. In terms of product hierarchy, iFi xDSD …

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Moondrop Aria

amazon Moondrop Aria reviews Most of the brothers in the IEM playing community in particular and the Audiophile community in general are too familiar with the cult name Moondrop – the audio company with the highest consistency in their headsets, almost every product. Their products were launched with great success. To further prove this, this …

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