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Oriolus BA300S

amazon Oriolus BA300S reviews Oriolus is a name that is no stranger to the Audiophile world. Is a trademark of Cyras company, Japan. Starting operation in 2015, Oriolus focused on researching and manufacturing high-end IEMs […]

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amazon Nuraphone reviews Nuraphone is a wireless headset unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It is both an on ear and an in-ear. In particular, this earphone has the ability to analyze the ears and […]

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iBasso DX220

amazon iBasso DX220 reviews In 2017, iBasso released DX200, the best-rated music player in the under $ 1,000 range at the time. Although not the first company to apply disassembled AMP module design, iBasso DX200 […]