akko 3087 silent (cherry switch) akko 3087 silent review


amazon AKKO 3087 SILENT reviews As one of the notable emerging names in the mechanical key market, Akko is offering a fairly extensive product portfolio. With many eye-catching options as well as a choice of switches from Cherry MX or Akko’s own designed/manufactured switches, users can start the game of mechanical keys at a fairly …

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amazon SOMIC GS301 reviews SOMIC has been very hot lately with its first gamer TWS headset pair, the SOMIC GX501 pair. But that is not the case with the company forgetting its main customer: PC gamers who need a pair of over-ear headphones for home use. It is a space for SOMIC GS301 pair to …

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amazon INTEL NUC10I5FNH reviews Last time, we got our hands on a NUC product based on the 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor. This time, Intel’s NUC system is back again with its Core i5 processor version, but a complete version that includes both DDR4 RAM and PCIe SSD storage – Intel NUCi5FNH. NUCi5 is …

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amazon UGREEN 10000MAH reviews UGREEN may be a strange name for the majority of users, but for computer technicians, it will be impossible to ignore this brand, especially to those who often walk around the shops selling computers. In terms of coverage, it is still not as strong as some other mobile accessory brands. UGREEN’s …

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urbanista london earbuds urbanista london review


amazon URBANISTA LONDON reviews Cheaper but better? This is not often seen in the Tech World but it is not, and Urbanista London is a testament! Urbanista is a company that is very ‘diligent’ looking for new technologies, in 2017 the company started to apply active noise cancellation technology to the Urbanista Milan pair. But …