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Lost in Random

amazon Lost in Random reviews Lost in Random: In recent times, the gaming community must have heard of a program called EA Originals. That is a program created by game company EA to bring unique game experiences to gamers through independent developers. Games have been released through this program, such as It Takes Two, Sea of …

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amazon FIFA 22 reviews FIFA 22: If the football village is still “shocked” after witnessing a transfer period that can be said to be the most “crazy” in modern history, on the electronic turf field, a fierce battle There is also a dramatic happening between the two “older” rivals. That’s when the PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) …

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amazon Eastward reviews Eastward – In recent years, “post-apocalypse” seems to be a very popular topic in the entertainment world – whether it is movies, books, or even games. It seems that humanity is gradually eroding Mother Nature’s life, and going to the end is an inevitable result that is too obvious for everyone to …

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amazon SONY WI-C200 reviews Design and features Inheriting the design of the previous very successful WI-C300 generation, the SONY WI-C200 has been slightly redesigned by the manufacturer. Thereby helping to make the appearance of this headset more balanced and harmonious, the wearing feeling also becomes comfortable, and there is the necessary balance to be evenly …

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Xiaomi Square Box 2

amazon Xiaomi Square Box 2 reviews Xiaomi can be considered as the company with the most diverse products today; there is nothing that Xiaomi cannot produce. Despite producing a wide range of products, Xiaomi still maintains product quality with low prices, so Xiaomi’s products have significantly influenced other giants in recent years. One of the …

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SoundPeats True Air 2

amazon SoundPeats True Air 2 reviews After True Air 1, Soundpeats continues to bring users Soundpeats True Air 2 wireless headphones with many outstanding upgraded features such as CVC noise cancellation and True Wireless Mirroring technology for melodic sound in the air a compact design. As the cheapest headset on the market supports CVC noise, …

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SeeAudio Bravery

amazon SeeAudio Bravery reviews See Audio is an emerging headphone company in the audio industry, but in return, they own sound engineers who have a lot of experience in the profession. Bravery is See Audio’s latest IEM model after names that have gained a lot of appreciation in recent times, such as Kaguya, Neo, and …

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