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Tormented Souls

amazon Tormented Souls reviews Tormented Souls: Once upon a time, third-person horror games were very popular and attractive, especially during the “golden” period of the 90s with Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Alone in the Dark, etc. A long list that the writer will have the opportunity to tell you. They are attracted not only …

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Mad Rat Dead

amazon Mad Rat Dead reviews Mad Rat Dead – Among the many game genres loved by “comrades” near and far, but with a respectable and long history – it is difficult for anyone to compete for the top of the action game “platformer” type (jumping, climbing). Although in modern times, the “kingdom” has been occupied …

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amazon Judgment reviews Judgment: ​​Referring to popular Japanese game franchises, no one can deny that the name Yakuza has become a monument since its first launch in 2005. Developed by the talented director Toshihiro Nagoshi, former president of SEGA, and the team Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio (RGG), the game is named after them. Now more than …

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Iron Harvest

amazon Iron Harvest reviews Iron Harvest: Starting with Half-Life and DOOM, but later the Call of Duty and Battlefield series of games make perfect use of the development of modern 3D graphics technology and new generations of gaming consoles, can first-person shooter (FPS) game genre gradually “ousted” the real-time strategy game genre to occupy the dominant …

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amazon Chernobylite reviews Chernobylite: Just hearing the name, readers and writers will surely think of an open-world role-playing game set in a “forbidden” area around the ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Pripyat, Ukraine. Those of you who are a little “dark” must also say, “Is this “game S” part two?” Thought it was, …

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Cris Tales

amazon Cris Tales reviews Cris Tales – Time travel, plus Japanese RPG (JRPG)…. Sound familiar? There is no shortage of famous games with enough of these “combo,” briefly including Chrono Trigger, Radiant Historia, Tales of Graces F, Final Fantasy XIII-2… Recently, Dreams Uncorporated, an indie game developer in Columbia, brought us a JRPG (?) called …

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