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amazon Frostpunk reviews At first glance, Frostpunk looks like other casual strategy simulation games, when the player has to build a city and manage its inhabitants and resources. But with its harsh context as well as a smart approach – Frostpunk perfectly combined two genres of simulation and survival – into one that 11-Bit Studios …

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Ever Forward

amazon Ever Forward reviews Ever Forward – Recently, the market of adventure games, pure 3D puzzles have been increasingly sparse, as the genre’s names often pursue deeper and more complex designs. Especially in the middle of the constant epidemic season, many people will feel shy and tense with such complex games. Ever Forward appears as …

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Desperados 3

amazon Desperados 3 reviews Desperados 3 is the fourth game in the series of famous real-time tactics in the Far West, Desperados – with the latest version released … 13 years, now “recovered born ”by THQ Nordic. Although this is a rather picky game style, there is still a large fan base along with other …

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