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Torchlight 2

amazon Torchlight 2 reviews Torchlight 2 – Do you remember the land of Torchlight? Where the smoke of the ore furnaces covered the sun and people were immersed in caves, competing to dig for rare Embers. Where overflowing treasure chests await with a mighty army of monsters guarding them, which can only be defeated by …

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Hitman 3

amazon Hitman 3 reviews Hitman 3 – So it became a reality. The “World of Assassination” trilogy of the Hitman series has finally come to an end – something that fans, including the writer, thought would be unlikely to happen, especially after the split between Square Enix and IO Interactive in 2017, as well as …

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Doom Eternal

amazon Doom Eternal reviews Doom Eternal – In the modern game industry, there is rarely a phenomenon like Doom (2016). It was the perfect reboot as the team at id Software understood why the first Doom games were immortal and brought it into a new era while still retaining the very “Doom” spirit. As well …

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Nexomon Extinction

amazon Nexomon Extinction reviews Nexomon: Extinction – For most of Earth’s inhabitants, “Pokemon” must be a familiar name, whether to “subjects” of the game world or those who have never touched the game. 25 years ago, the Pokemon “wave” spread strongly on a global level and quickly manipulated countless commercial fields, from videogames, comics, animation, …

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Sid Meier’s Civilization VI New Frontier Pass

amazon Sid Meier’s Civilization VI New Frontier Pass reviews New Frontier Pass – With many fans of the 4X game genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate – explore, expand, exploit, destroy), the Civilization series of genius game designer Sid Meier has become one of the defining games and also the exemplary “measurement” for this game genre, …

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