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In the unforgiving world of “Dark Souls 2,” armor is not just a means of defense but a crucial element of survival. Choosing the best armor can mean the difference between life and death in encounters with fearsome enemies and challenging bosses. This review explores the intricacies of armor selection in “Dark Souls 2,” examining various sets for their defensive capabilities, weight considerations, and aesthetic appeal.

Importance of Armor in Dark Souls 2

Armor in “Dark Souls 2” serves several vital purposes beyond merely reducing damage:

  1. Defense: Each piece of armor contributes to the player character’s overall defense, reducing incoming damage from physical, magical, and elemental sources.
  2. Poise: Poise determines the ability to withstand hits without staggering, crucial for maintaining offensive momentum in combat.
  3. Weight and Mobility: The weight of armor affects mobility and stamina regeneration. Balancing protection with mobility is key to survival.
  4. Fashion Souls: A term coined by the community, emphasizing the aesthetic appeal of armor sets, which often influences player choices.

Criteria for Evaluating Armor Sets

When assessing the “best” armor in “Dark Souls 2,” several factors come into play:

  1. Defense Stats: Physical defense (slash, strike, thrust), elemental resistances (fire, lightning, magic, dark), and status effect resistances (poison, bleed, curse).
  2. Poise: The amount of poise offered by the armor set, crucial for avoiding stagger during combat.
  3. Weight: Total weight of the armor set and its impact on mobility and stamina regeneration.
  4. Fashion and Aesthetics: Subjective appeal of the armor’s design and how it complements the character’s appearance.
  5. Availability and Accessibility: How early or late in the game the armor set can be acquired and its upgrade path.

Review of Top Armor Sets

Note: The following review evaluates armor sets based on their effectiveness, poise-to-weight ratio, and overall utility in various gameplay scenarios.

1. Havel’s Set

  • Description: Renowned for its incredible physical defense and poise, Havel’s Set is the epitome of tanky armor in “Dark Souls 2.”
  • Pros: Offers exceptional protection against physical damage, high poise for tanking hits without staggering, and a formidable appearance that intimidates enemies.
  • Cons: Extremely heavy, severely impacting mobility and stamina regeneration. Requires high Vitality or equipment load management.
  • Best Used: Ideal for players focusing on tanking damage and trading blows with enemies. Particularly effective against bosses with heavy-hitting attacks.

2. Alonne Captain Set

  • Description: Known for its balance of defense, poise, and moderate weight, the Alonne Captain Set is favored for its versatility.
  • Pros: Provides solid defense across physical and elemental damage types, respectable poise for its weight class, and a sleek, samurai-inspired design.
  • Cons: Slightly lower physical defense compared to heavier sets like Havel’s. Requires moderate Vitality to maintain decent mobility.
  • Best Used: Suitable for players who value both defense and mobility, offering a good compromise between protection and maneuverability.

3. Faraam Set

  • Description: Recognized for its well-rounded defensive stats, poise, and moderate weight, the Faraam Set is popular among players for its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.
  • Pros: Offers balanced defense against physical and elemental damage, good poise for its weight, and a knightly appearance that fits the game’s medieval theme.
  • Cons: May not excel in specific resistances compared to specialized armor sets. Requires moderate Vitality for optimal use.
  • Best Used: Recommended for players seeking a versatile armor set that performs well across various combat situations without compromising too much on mobility.

4. Throne Defender Set

  • Description: Notable for its high defense against elemental damage and decent physical defense, the Throne Defender Set is revered for its protective capabilities.
  • Pros: Provides excellent resistance against elemental damage types (fire, lightning, magic, dark), solid physical defense, and a regal appearance fitting its lore.
  • Cons: Heavier compared to some other medium sets, impacting mobility. Requires investment in Vitality to avoid sluggish movement.
  • Best Used: Ideal for players facing enemies with strong elemental attacks or those seeking a visually striking armor set that offers substantial protection.

5. Hexer Set

  • Description: Unique for its focus on magic defense and status effect resistance, the Hexer Set is tailored for players encountering magical threats.
  • Pros: Offers superior magic defense and resistance to status effects like curse and poison, lightweight for its protective capabilities, and a mystical appearance.
  • Cons: Lower physical defense compared to heavier sets. Less effective against purely physical threats.
  • Best Used: Suited for players exploring magic-heavy areas or facing enemies with strong magical attacks. Also appeals to those prioritizing status effect resistance.

Comparison and Analysis

  • Defense: Havel’s Set excels in physical defense, while sets like the Hexer and Throne Defender offer specialized resistances against elemental and magical attacks.
  • Poise and Mobility: Alonne Captain and Faraam sets strike a balance between poise and weight, maintaining decent mobility without sacrificing too much defense.
  • Aesthetics: Faraam and Throne Defender sets stand out for their knightly and regal designs, appealing to players interested in both functionality and appearance.
  • Versatility: Sets like Alonne Captain and Faraam are versatile, suitable for various playstyles and combat scenarios, whereas Havel’s Set is more niche but powerful in specific situations.

Community Perspective

  • Player Preferences: The “Fashion Souls” community often values aesthetics alongside functionality, influencing popular choices like the Faraam and Alonne Captain sets.
  • Role-Playing Considerations: Some players choose armor sets based on thematic role-playing elements or character backstory, enhancing immersion in the game world.


Choosing the best armor in “Dark Souls 2” involves balancing defense, poise, weight, and personal preferences. From the tanky resilience of Havel’s Set to the balanced versatility of the Faraam Set, each armor choice reflects different priorities in gameplay strategy and aesthetic appeal. Whether facing formidable bosses or exploring treacherous environments, the right armor set can significantly enhance survivability and enjoyment of the game. Ultimately, the best armor is not just about stats but about finding the perfect blend of protection and style that suits your character’s journey through the haunting world of “Dark Souls 2.”

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