Distinguish between noise canceling and noise isolating on headphones

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For those who frequently travel by plane, train, etc., and work in noisy environments, finding a suitable noise-canceling headset is an obvious thing to do. However, when it comes to noise-canceling headphones, users often confuse two completely different concepts: noise cancellation and noise isolation. Today I will discuss a bit about this as well as share a bit about choosing noise-canceling headphones.

Noise isolating

Headphones with noise-isolating can be understood as having passive noise cancellation. This noise cancellation is thanks to the ability of the headset to cover the user’s ears, the more closed, the better the soundproofing. That’s why the design of the headset plays an extremely important role in this. Usually, in-ear headphones will have the best noise cancellation, then on-ear, and finally full-size models.

The advantage of noise-isolating is that almost all headphones have this ability (except for headphones with an open-back design), so the price is reasonable. Users only have to figure out how to make the headphones completely cover their ears for the best noise-canceling results.

Cons: can’t do good noise cancellation for too noisy sounds. Besides, not everyone can wear in-ear headphones, especially for a long time to bring the best effect.

Noise Canceling

Headphones with Noise Canceling function (also known as ANC: Active Noise Canceling) can be understood as active noise cancellation. The working mechanism of these headset models is thanks to the microphones to record the sounds from the outside environment and then use digital processors to create opposite-phase sound waves to cancel the noise.

Advantages: these headphones have a very good noise-canceling effect for loud and regular sounds such as the sound of aircraft engines and vehicles. Besides, any headphone design can be noise-canceling as long as the company integrates it. Therefore, users have many options to suit their needs.

The downside here is that these headphones must have a battery to use the noise-canceling feature. One more problem is that for sudden noises, these headphones do not seem to be very effective.

A few tips for those of you looking for noise-canceling headphones

First of all, you need to determine your usage needs: If you often travel by train or plane, I think a noise-canceling headset will be better. If you want a little noise cancellation in a daily environment, regular headphones + turning on the music is enough to help you with great noise cancellation.

Choose the right design: Choose noise-canceling headphones if you can’t wear in-ear but want good noise cancellation. I feel that wearing an in-ear for a long time will be very tiring. The louder the noise, the louder the music will turn on, which is not good.

Choose according to your pocket: of course, you can buy as much as you want. However, the advice given is that if you can’t buy a good noise-canceling headset, you should switch to one with good noise isolation. Why? Because fake noise-canceling headphones sometimes make you more uncomfortable than listening to outside noises due to the emission of annoying frequencies.


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