earfun free mini amazon earbuds manual review


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amazon EARFUN FREE MINI reviews

earfun free mini amazon earbuds manual review

Although EarFun recently launched many pairs of headphones in the mid-range segment, the company still does not forget customers who like to buy cheap headphones which have been with them for a while. That is the reason for the launch of the Free Mini pair – a product to replace the company’s already famous EarFun Free.

As usual, EarFun’s headphones are placed in a white paper box.

The headset’s accessory set includes two rubber pads, a Type-C charging cord, and a great accessory added to its new products, a toilet tree.

The inside of the box is made of thin rubber instead of cardboard, presumably to reduce costs somewhat. But both the headset and the charging case are securely held to prevent damage during transportation.

This pair of headphones’ charging boxes have a higher design than the Free pair, but it generally has a more modern design. This meeting will provide the headset with 19 hours of use; when combined with the 5 hours that the headset can do, it will increase the duration to 24 hours.

At first glance, we can see how the design of the Free Mini is more modern than the first generation Free pair. The whole headset is made of plastic, but it is one block and more rounded.

The outside of the headset is a touch screen, allowing control of music, calls, and volume. Unlike more advanced products, the Free Mini does not have Gaming Mode and active noise cancellation ANC, so the touch does not have to take care of turning on and off these two features.

One of the most powerful features of the Free pair is its water-resistance as high as IPX7, something that even its higher-end products do not have. Free Mini retains this feature, allowing users to confidently bring the headset to exercise, even water sports such as swimming.

In terms of connectivity, the Free Mini uses the PixArt PAU1603 chip with Bluetooth 5.0, which is also older than the 5.2 standards that EarFun’s newer pairs of headphones use. In actual use, the latency of the headset with the source is also quite low; there is no feeling of being followed with what appears on the screen. We can still completely use the Free Mini to entertain with games and movies!

Responsible for the sound reproduction of the Free Mini is a new generation 6mm Composite driver to replace the Free Graphene driver. But no matter what diaphragm is used, the EarFun Free Mini still pursues the explosive, V-shape sound quality to suit the children; the dance music is like the first generation version.

The two bands that you will notice first when listening to the Free Mini are the low and high ranges, following the V-shape sound that we often see in the company’s first pair of headphones. The bass will still be slightly higher, with many volumes, and also pushed up by the headset closer to the listener.

Those of you who are familiar with the sound pattern of EarFun will quickly recognize the sound of the Free Mini only; there is nothing too strange here. The bass is explosive in The Weeknd’s Save Your Tears, making a strong impression right from listening to it. Compared to the Free Pro 2 pair that I recently tried, the Free Mini has a similar amount of bass, but it will be less than a couple of parts; the bass is more pressing on the mid-bass part.

Like the Free Pro 2, the Free Mini’s point lies in how these two pairs of headphones show the mid-range. The Mid of the Free Mini is slightly backward but slightly lightened to match today’s Pop singers’ “auto-tune” sound. Singers like Maroon 5, Lady Gaga have to say, are very suitable for this type of performance, although we will also have to make a little trade-off in naturalness to play the music of Adele, Yao Si Ting, for example.

This pair of headphones will lose compared to more advanced products like Air Pro, Free Pro 2, Air Pro 2 in detail and soundstage. Each song has less detail; the soundstage does not spread to both ears, which is understandable because this is a product with a much lower price than the pairs mentioned above.

As mentioned, this is not a pair of headphones that converge the latest features, and there will be a slight trade-off in sound quality compared to more advanced versions of the same company. But remember that this is a pair of headphones that sell for less than $50, half of the company’s Air Pro 2, Free Pro 2; it does too well the basic features to create a full and convenient user experience.

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