ed hardy women's perfume - eau de parfum d cost beda edt edp body mist which is better or what's the difference and what womens gift set between edc review villain


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amazon Ed Hardy Women’s EDT by CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER reviews

ed hardy women's perfume - eau de parfum d cost beda edt edp body mist which is better or what's the difference and what womens gift set between edc review villain

Fragrance group: Fragrance flowers and fruits

Gender: Female

Launch year: 2008

Concentration: EDT

Incense retention: Okay – 3 hours to 6 hours

Fragrance: Close – Scents out within one arm

Recommended time: Day, Night, Summer

Style: Strong, Sweet, Attractive

Top Flavors: Mango, Grapefruit, Green Apple, Wild Strawberry

Middle notes: South African orchids, valley orchids, flowers segment

Base notes: Amber, Leather, Musk, Tonka Beans, Vanilla


Good point: Sweet and fresh fruity scent creates a woman’s charm. Impressive bottle design with tattoo art. The moderate scent is also the strong point of this scent.

Not good: The scent is only medium, need to use regularly to ensure the effectiveness of the perfume. Not suitable for use on autumn and winter nights.

In addition to Christian Audigien’s “Ed Hardy Vintage Tattoo Wear” fashion, it honors tattoo artist Ed Hardy and offers a new selection of two ever-launched perfumes (Ed Hardy Love & Luck for Men and Ed Hardy Love & Luck for women), the brand launched Ed Hardy EDT fragrances in 2008 in male and female versions. This perfume pair is considered the representative scent of tattoo art.

Perfume bottles are available in 50ml (1.7 fl.oz.) and 100ml (3.4 fl.oz.) capacities. This sweet fragrance can be used both in cold and hot weather making the woman using it more attractive thanks to its floral and fruity combination.

The base notes are wild strawberry and mango with a hint of lime green or linden creating a scent like a cool wild strawberry margarita cocktail. Then one of the most popular flowers is the beautiful scent of freesia, which gives off an impressive scent. The last floral scent left on your skin is warm, tonka beans blended with caramel scent to create aromas like strawberry and cool caramel cream. Amber makes perfect when you use this scent in the evening.

The bottle design is designed in a unique style with skull accents contrasting with roses with pink tones matching the characteristic smell of the perfume.

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Brand Legacy and Philosophy

Legacy of Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy, founded by renowned tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy and entrepreneur Christian Audigier, emerged as a distinctive fashion brand blending tattoo culture with streetwear influences. Known for its bold graphics, intricate designs, and rebellious attitude, Ed Hardy gained popularity for its distinctive style and trendsetting appeal. The fragrance line under the Ed Hardy brand extends this legacy, offering scents that reflect the brand’s edgy and artistic ethos.

Philosophy of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT

Ed Hardy Women’s EDT embodies the brand’s philosophy of self-expression, individuality, and daring creativity. Inspired by the vibrant and dynamic world of tattoo art, the fragrance aims to evoke a sense of confidence, femininity, and rebellious spirit. It celebrates boldness and uniqueness, appealing to women who embrace their inner strength and express their personal style through fragrance.

Fragrance Composition

Top Notes

Ed Hardy Women’s EDT opens with an invigorating burst of fruity and citrusy notes that instantly uplift the senses. Common top notes found in the fragrance may include tropical fruits like mango and grapefruit, blended with a hint of wild strawberry or apple. These refreshing accords create a lively and vibrant introduction that sets the stage for the fragrance’s dynamic evolution.

Heart Notes

As the fragrance develops, the heart notes reveal a floral bouquet that adds a feminine and sophisticated touch to Ed Hardy Women’s EDT. Floral elements such as jasmine, freesia, or gardenia may be prominent in this phase, imparting a delicate sweetness and depth to the composition. The heart notes enhance the fragrance’s complexity, balancing the initial fruitiness with a floral elegance.

Base Notes

The base notes of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT provide a warm and sensual foundation that lingers on the skin, leaving a lasting impression. Ingredients like amber, musk, or vanilla often feature prominently in the base, adding a touch of depth and sophistication. These notes anchor the fragrance, ensuring that it retains its allure and elegance throughout wear.

Overall Composition

The overall composition of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT is a harmonious blend of fruity, floral, and woody accords that reflect its dynamic and multifaceted character. It combines freshness with femininity and sensuality, creating a fragrance that is both youthful and sophisticated. The interplay of notes evolves gracefully on the skin, offering a fragrance experience that is vibrant, energetic, and distinctly Ed Hardy.

Packaging and Presentation

Bottle Design

The bottle design of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT embodies the brand’s edgy and artistic aesthetic, featuring bold graphics and intricate details inspired by tattoo art. The bottle’s silhouette may be sleek and modern, adorned with vibrant colors or unique textures that capture the essence of the fragrance. This design reflects the rebellious spirit and distinctive style associated with the Ed Hardy brand, making it a visually striking addition to any fragrance collection.


Ed Hardy pays meticulous attention to the packaging of its fragrances, ensuring that it aligns with the brand’s identity and aesthetic appeal. The perfume is typically presented in a stylish box or packaging that complements the bottle design, enhancing the overall luxury experience. The packaging evokes a sense of creativity and individuality, making Ed Hardy Women’s EDT a standout choice for women who appreciate boldness and artistic expression.

Longevity and Sillage


Ed Hardy Women’s EDT is known for its moderate longevity on the skin, typically lasting several hours before gradually fading. The fragrance’s vibrant top notes may dissipate over time, while the base notes continue to provide a subtle and lingering scent. Reapplication throughout the day can enhance its longevity, ensuring a continuous fragrance experience.


The sillage of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT is moderate, projecting confidently without being overpowering. It leaves a subtle trail that captivates without overwhelming, making it suitable for various occasions and settings. The balanced sillage ensures that the fragrance enhances the wearer’s presence without demanding undue attention, reflecting its youthful and sophisticated appeal.

Seasonal Suitability


Ed Hardy Women’s EDT is ideally suited for spring and summer months when its fruity and floral notes resonate with the season’s ambiance. The fragrance’s vibrant and energetic character complements warm weather ensembles, adding a touch of freshness and vitality. Its playful and youthful appeal makes it a perfect choice for daytime wear, whether at the beach, brunch, or outdoor gatherings.


Ed Hardy Women’s EDT transitions effortlessly from day to night, offering a versatile fragrance experience that adapts to different occasions and moods. It’s suitable for casual daytime activities where its fruity and floral freshness shines, as well as evening events where its sensual base notes add allure and sophistication. Its versatility makes it a go-to fragrance for women who embrace spontaneity and creativity in their fragrance choices.

Target Audience and Versatility


The target audience for Ed Hardy Women’s EDT includes women who resonate with the brand’s rebellious spirit, artistic flair, and vibrant lifestyle. It appeals to individuals who seek a fragrance that reflects their confidence, individuality, and youthful energy. The fragrance’s dynamic and multifaceted character makes it suitable for women of different ages and backgrounds, celebrating diversity and personal style.


Ed Hardy Women’s EDT excels in versatility, offering a fragrance experience that can be enjoyed throughout the day and into the night. Whether worn casually during the day or elegantly in the evening, it enhances the wearer’s personal style with its vibrant and dynamic composition. Its ability to evoke a sense of creativity and self-expression makes it a favorite among women who value boldness and authenticity in their fragrance choices.

Value for Money

Price Point

Ed Hardy Women’s EDT is positioned at an accessible price point, reflecting its mass appeal and the brand’s commitment to affordability. The price aligns with the fragrance’s vibrant character and its appeal to young women who seek quality and style in their fragrance selections.

Perceived Value

In terms of perceived value, Ed Hardy Women’s EDT offers a compelling fragrance experience that justifies its price point. From its vibrant top notes to its sensual base, every aspect of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT reflects the brand’s creativity and youthful spirit. It’s an investment in self-expression and individuality, appealing to women who embrace their unique style and celebrate their confidence.

Comparison to Similar Fragrances

Similar Products

Compared to other fragrances within the Ed Hardy collection, Ed Hardy Women’s EDT stands out for its vibrant and youthful appeal. It differs from more mature options like Ed Hardy Love & Luck or Ed Hardy Born Wild by offering a fresh and energetic fragrance profile. It’s also distinct from heavier scents like Ed Hardy Villain for Women, focusing on fruity and floral notes that capture the brand’s dynamic aesthetic.

Unique Selling Points

The unique selling points of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT lie in its vibrant energy, artistic flair, and youthful sophistication. It celebrates the brand’s rebellious spirit and distinctive style through a fragrance that is both playful and elegant. The combination of fruity top notes, floral heart, and sensual base creates a dynamic and multifaceted scent experience that resonates with women who embrace creativity and self-expression.

Personal Experience and Recommendations

Personal Opinion

Personally, Ed Hardy Women’s EDT has become a staple in my fragrance collection. I appreciate its vibrant and energetic character, which perfectly complements my active lifestyle. The fruity top notes provide an instant burst of freshness, while the floral heart adds a touch of femininity and elegance. The fragrance’s longevity and moderate sillage make it suitable for everyday wear, from morning meetings to evening outings. It’s my go-to choice when I want to feel confident, stylish, and empowered.


I would recommend Ed Hardy Women’s EDT to any woman who values creativity, individuality, and youthful energy in her fragrance choices. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a scent that embodies the brand’s rebellious spirit and vibrant lifestyle. Whether as a personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift, Ed Hardy Women’s EDT celebrates confidence and self-expression in a stylish and sophisticated manner.


In conclusion, “Ed Hardy Women’s EDT by Christian Audigier” is a vibrant and dynamic fragrance that celebrates the brand’s rebellious spirit and artistic flair. From its fruity top notes to its sensual base, every aspect of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT reflects the brand’s commitment to creativity, individuality, and youthful energy. The fragrance’s versatility, affordability, and mass appeal make it a popular choice among women who embrace their unique style and celebrate their confidence.

Additional Considerations

Ethical and Environmental Aspects

Ed Hardy is committed to ethical sourcing and sustainability within its fragrance creations. As a responsible brand, it ensures transparency and integrity in its supply chain, contributing to environmental conservation and social responsibility initiatives. Each bottle of Ed Hardy Women’s EDT reflects these values, offering conscientious consumers a fragrance option that aligns with their ethical principles.

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