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amazon Geox NEW DO reviews

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With the recent trends, it is clear that wearing sneakers is becoming an indispensable item in everyday outfit, whether it is going to school, going to work, going out or walking around. However, with the current weather in Vietnam, it is difficult to choose a pair of shoes that can be both airy, beautiful, light, smooth and especially with a delicate design.


Geox NEW: DO has a version for both men and women. Creating a simple, eco-friendly product and the best feeling for the user is what Geox wants when introducing NEW: DO . The shoes actually possess extremely simple lines with smooth upper sections, colored shoelaces and rubber buffers.

However, the bottom of the sole is extremely contrary. Geox has almost described the acupuncture points of the soles with a delicate holes system. You will notice the tiny swirls of sweat, and the prints that are embossed or carved into it really impress. This is the first impression that is most noticeable when you hold a pair of NEW: DO in hand.


Referring to NEW: DO, it is impossible not to mention the material of this product line. “THERE’S NOTHING HERE, NO MATERIAL, NO COMPONENT THAT SHOULDN’T BE” is the slogan of NEW: DO. Indeed, the upper of the shoes are designed by original leather material, not mixed with other metals. The process of handling the shoe body is also completely natural, not using chemicals. Finally, the entire rubber base is made of 100% rubber with extremely good recycling capacity.

In addition to environmental friendly elements, materials used on NEW: DO bring a really comfortable feeling to the user.


NEW product line: DO of a few sneaker pairs will bring you a comfortable feeling, smooth and extremely beautiful. The leather material that Geox brought this time was really impressive. Soft skin, gently embrace your feet and will not feel painful when worn for a long time. Rubber buffer creates a relatively smooth feeling. Of course, it can’t be asked too much, but what NEW: DO brings is completely acceptable. However, a minus point this time lies in the body of the shoe will be easily wrinkled due to the relatively soft skin. The underlying cause lies in the treatment of completely natural, non-chemical skin.

where can you get a Geox NEW DO online

Geox Men’s M New DO 1 Navy Oxford: Buy it now

Geox Women’s W New DO 2 Light Taupe 40 M EU: Buy it now


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