How to type letters on the phone keypad

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To help you solve your problem related to the inability to type letters on your device keyboard, I must first explain how to perform some preliminary operations to make sure that you have successfully activated the keyboard of your Android device.


If you have trouble typing letters on your device’s keyboard android, I advise you first to verify that this has been activated correctly, acting through the device settings. To do this, tap the app adjustments that you can find on the main screen of your device (it is the one that has a gear symbol), then press the voice Language and mission and touch the Current wording keyboard.

In this way, you will see a drop-down menu on the screen with the keyboard selected by you; then check all installed keyboards by pressing the item Choose keyboard. Now, I advise you to check that the default keyboard of your device is selected (for example, on some devices, there is the Google keyboard, called Gboard).

If a different keyboard is selected, you can try to disable it by moving the joystick EN to OFF. After that, try back to section Language and input and touch the Multilingual wording typing, to see the configuration related to it: in correspondence with the wording languages verify that the language is installed there Italian. If not, touch it and the button. Then, add a keyboard, select the language Italian and options like design QWERTY, and additional elements (such as freehand writing).

Then press up final to confirm these options. At this point, you should be able to perfectly configure the keyboard that will be used by default on your device so that you can use it without experiencing any problems.


If the keyboard is set up correctly, you can use it to enter letters, numbers, and special characters in any application that has a dedicated text field for writing. For example, you can start a messaging application, such as WhatsApp, Select a conversation and press the text field to send a message. That will open the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.

Now you have to type the letters on the virtual keyboard of the smartphone, touching them, while to enter the special characters you have to press and hold the different letters (for example, “Y,” to see the corresponding special character appearances, such as the accented letter “It is”).

If your keyboard supports scroll typing, you can write a word by holding your finger on a letter and dragging your finger on the other letters to be entered to form the word you want. Most keyboards also support an automatic correction and suggestion tool; In fact, you can see the suggestions of the words written in the bar at the top of it.

Do you want to write a capital letter? Press the button with the up arrow symbol you see on the left; while you write numbers or punctuation marks, press the button? 123 located on the left. To return to the traditional letter input mode, press the button. ABC. For space, press the space bar in the middle; while inserting emojis, press the button with the smiley face symbol. To go new, press the button instead of the presenter (is the one that has an arrow symbol on the left)


Suppose you are having trouble with the default keyboard of your Android device. In that case, you can install a free alternative keyboard like SwiftKey Keyboard, one of the ones I mentioned in my guide dedicated to the best keyboards virtual for android.

SwiftKey keyboard: It is one of the most used and appreciated “smart” keyboards, equipped with an automatic corrector and a suggestion system that improves over time. To install it, start the Play Store de android by touching its icon on the main screen of your device (it is the application with the colorful play symbol), then from the internal search engine located at the top, type SwiftKey keyboard and press the button Search on the keyboard of your device.

To install the application, then press the buttons instantly, I agree. At the end of the automatic download and installation, start SwiftKey Keyboard, pressing the button open la Play Store, or tapping the app icon, which will be added to your device’s home screen.

When the application starts, press the button Enable SwiftKey and in the menu Input language, move the lever of OFF to EN, under the heading SwiftKey keyboard, also pressing the button good for confirmation

Then pajamas in the Select voice SwitKey and the menu Change keyboard, place the checkmark in the wording SwiftKey keyboard. As the last step, press the button Improve your predictions and possibly register through your account Microsoft or that google, respectively pressing the icons you see on the screen.

The last recording option is optional and is used to improve the keyboard’s prediction functions. Later, if you intend to authorize the application to read the sent messages (functionality used to learn your writing style and to improve the suggestion system), press the button to allow related to the SMS reading permissions and finally on the button I agree (which is used to support the development of SwiftKey Anonymously send partial information related to what you write). Note that the last option is also optional.

Once the keyboard is activated and configured, you can use it in any application for instant messaging or, more generally, in all applications that require text input. The keyboard will open automatically as soon as you touch the dedicated text field for typing.

The operation of SwifKey It is similar to that of any virtual keyboard: to write a letter, touch it, while entering a special character, hold your finger on the letter, and then press the character to be written, such as the accented letter “It is.” The key capital letter is he who has up arrow symbol; while switching from typing letters to entering numbers and special characters, tap the button 123 and then on that ABC.

To insert emojis or GIFs, press the button with the symbol of a smiley face; Finally, if you want to use the scroll input, drag your finger over the letters to complete a word, possibly choosing it from the suggestions in the top bar.


Wondering why you can’t type letters on your iPhone keyboard? Maybe it’s possible that you accidentally turned it off. In this case, solve this little problem by reading the instructions in the following lines.


On devices iOS, in case of problems with the input of letters on the keyboard, it is possible to carry out verification by using the application adjustments, whose icon is on the device’s main screen and presents the gear symbol.

From the screen adjustments, then touch general and then press up a keyboard. Then press on the wording Keyboards to locate the installed keyboards and, if the keyboard is not selected Italian> QWERTY, Press the button Add a new keyboard and play the voice-first Italian and then QWERTY (to put the checkmark).

Then confirm the operation by pressing the button final top right, and check that in the section Add a new keyboard, the keyboard has been selected emoji, which is used to write emoticons.


If you have completed all the steps indicated by me, you should have no trouble typing letters, numbers, and special characters to activate the keyboard. You can write them in any application with a text field, like a social network application or an instant messaging application.

For example, to write a message in the application WhatsApp, start by tapping its icon on the main part of your device (it is green and presents the cartoon symbol), then touch the conversation of interest and the text field located at the bottom to activate the keyboard of your device.

At this point, just type the message to send, pressing the letters on the keyboard. I remind you that, in the case of special characters, such as the accented letter “It is,” you must hold down the corresponding letter with your finger and choose the special character to enter, using the menu that appears on the screen.

Instead, press the button with the arrow symbol to the other on the left, enter a capital or lowercase letter, press the button 123, and change the keyboard display, going from input mode to letters to the one numbers y punctuation marks.

To return to the letter input mode, press the button with symbol # + =. To write the space, press the button space located in the center and finally click on the presenter to go back. If you want to write something instead emoji, touch the button with the symbol of a smiley face bottom left and tap the button emoji to insert it with your finger. To return to text entry mode, press the button. ABC.


You can install the keyboard SwiftKey also on iOS, downloading it from the App Store. To do this, start the virtual Store of your device by touching its icon located on the main screen of your device (it has the white stylized “A” symbol on light blue background).

Then, via the internal search engine, locate the keyboard in question and install it by first pressing the button get and then on that install. If requested, confirm the installation through touch IDel Face ID or writing the password from your iCloud account.

At the end of the installation and automatic download of the application, launch the latter to configure it. Then press the button open from the app store or touch its icon on the main screen of your device.

Now press the button starts and to choose if you want to register through an account Microsoft, Facebook o google or if you press the button Not now, to skip creating an account (this option is for backup purposes, but it also serves to allow the application to learn its writing style, reading the conversations made within the mentioned services).

To enable the keyboard SwitftKey, follow the instructions on the screen: press the button Guide me there to see the configuration section. Next, press the button Keyboardsgo from OFF to EN the lever in the wording SwiftKey and finally press up Allow full access and allow, authorize the application to provide you with word suggestions as you type.

Now hold down the key with the world map symbol on the default iOS keyboard and select the keyboard SwiftKey, by pressing your menu item. Then complete the setup by pressing up Siguiente.

SwifKey keyboard functionality is partly similar to those of a traditional keyboard: to write the letters, touch them, and use the suggestions in the upper bar to complete the words and phrases. To insert special characters, press and hold a letter to display the drop-down menu related to the special character, such as the accented letter “It is.”

To switch from writing letters to entering numbers, press the button. 123 and then ABC. Instead, you can find all the other special characters by first pressing the button. 123 and then # + =.

If, instead, you want to write emojis or send a GIF, press the button with the symbol of a smiley face located at the bottom left. To enter a space, use the button SwiftKey, while to go again, press the button with the left arrow symbol.


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