moondrop nameless dynamic hifi earbud earphone head fi đánh giá headfi review reddit vs spaceship shiroyuki รีวิว ดีไหม ราคา หูฟัง

Moondrop Nameless

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moondrop nameless dynamic hifi earbud earphone head fi đánh giá headfi review reddit vs spaceship shiroyuki รีวิว ดีไหม ราคา หูฟัง

With a tradition of producing headphones with impressive form and sound quality for the money, Moondrop always knows how to impress those who love this Chinese audio company. Not only with IEMs but also with earbuds from Moondrop.

Moondrop Nameless is a low-cost earbud from the company, aimed at the beginner segment. With the change in appearance from plastic to metal, shrinking the headset’s size will be the most outstanding feature of these earbuds.


Moondrop Nameless is contained in a black paper box with gold and copper texture; Moondrop gives an impressive appearance to the Nameless box.

With extremely simple accessories, including a carrying bag and three pairs of full earbuds, Moondrop offers the most basic accessory.


Unlike the low-cost Shiro-Yuki model that only uses plastic housing, Moondrop Nameless is equipped with an aluminum alloy similar to its high-end models.

The integrated cable is equipped with Litz OFC silver-plated copper; the splitter and jack are made of an aluminum alloy similar to the housing. The 3.5SE jack is also gold plated.

This new design comes with a 13.5mm driver, making it more comfortable to wear the Nameless, suitable for many people with a small ear cavity. Still, it will be difficult to fit the Nameless model in contrast to those with a large ear cavity.

Although there is an L / R mark on the headset, it is a bit difficult to see; Moondrop Nameless has a marked left ear to distinguish L / R. The R side will be straightened from top to bottom, the L side will have more notches to help you distinguish more easily.


The Bass range on the Nameless is quite gentle, the mid-bass hits a bit more force, has clarity, clear details, and the speed bass hits quite well.


The Mid-range on Nameless is the most prominent when it feels forward and thicker than bass and treble. With a little more emphasis on the high-mid, Nameless gives female vocals a better, clearer performance space than male vocals. However, a slight peak in the high-mid sometimes makes the high notes on the piano sound unnatural. The female vocal is clear, natural, well detailed, not too thin nor too thick. Male vocals are a bit dry and brighter than usual, lacking the warmth for a bass male voice.


Treble is a bit bright, has more volume than bass but less than mid. The treble range on the Nameless gives good detail and clarity but is sometimes sharp on some metal instruments.

The soundstage is a strong point of Nameless when it is extremely open, due in part to the earbuds, so the feeling of listening is not constrained; the singer and instrument space is spacious, not too close together. The sound is mostly more horizontal, but with multi-instrumental music, the sound is not arranged well when a few instruments are overlapped in some tracks.


Monk + gives a thicker and warmer overall than Moondrop Nameless, the bass on Monk + has more force and energy. Monk+’s mid is neutral for both male and female vocals with a more moderate amount than Nameless’s mid. Meanwhile, the Nameless treble has better and clearer details; the Monk + roll-off treble is a bit early. The soundstage on the Nameless is a bit wider than the Monk+. With an impedance of 64 Ohm accompanied by a quite similar nature to Amp, Monk + with a good Amp can completely surpass Nameless with its plug & play nature when Amp does not improve the sound quality of Nameless too much. Nameless for those who like clear, gentle, relaxing sounds. Monk + for those who like energy, a good mix.


An extremely impressive price point and very accessible to many new players. Moondrop brings us a model of earbuds with an impressive design like high-end headphones.

Moondrop Nameless sound quality is for those who love lightness with music taste like a pop ballad, country, acoustic with female voice or some instrumental, violin, piano. After about 100 hours of burn-in, the bass of Nameless has improved a bit with full foam that can help improve the bass a bit; the overall Nameless will also sound thicker and easier to listen.

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moondrop nameless dynamic hifi earbud earphone head fi đánh giá headfi review reddit vs spaceship shiroyuki รีวิว ดีไหม ราคา หูฟัง


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