msi vigor gk71 sonic gaming keyboard gk50 review jp mechanical us gk 71 купить цена

MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic

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amazon MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic reviews

msi vigor gk71 sonic gaming keyboard gk50 review jp mechanical us gk 71 купить цена

Many years ago, when Razer launched the Blackwidow line of mechanical gaming keyboards to stir up the gaming accessory market, many other manufacturers also found opportunities in the keyboard itself and quickly launched product models with similar textures using mechanical switches made by Cherry MX or other simulated versions from Chinese manufacturers.

But only a few years later, Razer itself and then some other famous accessory manufacturers like SteelSeries, Logitech G, or even “loyal” Cherry MX fans like Corsair all realized that sess

ions The company’s available mechanical switch version cannot meet the needs of professional gamers.

So for a very long time after that, many manufacturers were on the way to finding their “true” switch version, Razer made its own Razer Switch line with three colors: Gold, Green, and Orange, like Logitech G looking to Romer G, or Cherry MX itself also launching the Cherry MX Speed ​​product line that appears on the Corsair K70 RGB TKL Champion Series mechanical gaming keyboards dedicated to electronic sports.

Although MSI is a leading component manufacturer for gamers, it has only recently “joined” the field of manufacturing accessories to complete its ecosystem, but as well as many Many other big names in the accessory village, the company also researched and introduced a switch model in line with its motto, equipping the high-end MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic keyboard model.

Unlike other well-known manufacturers in the world of accessories for gamers, MSI is still a relatively new name, so in a series of recently launched products, the company has chosen a path specifically designed for young users.

Right from the box design, MSI has chosen a white tone to highlight the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic keyboard using black as the main color with an extremely eye-catching RGB LED design.

Notably, the text says that this keyboard model is equipped with the MSI Red Switch Sonic mechanical switch, a version developed by MSI based on the switch design of Cherry MX.

The back side has a clearer description of the specifications of this switch model, such as the switch form is linear, with a keystroke length of 1.9mm, 0.1mm shorter than the Cherry switches. Standard MX, with a pressing force of only 35g, which is 10g lighter than Cherry MX Speed.

Unpacking the box, it can be seen that the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic is built quite well with a scratched aluminum panel with CNC-machined holes that fit the switch foot, helping to expose the switch foot in the Low-Profile method. In recent times extremely precise and sharp machining details, give a very good impression to users at first sight.

But unlike Corsair’s Corsair K70 RGB Pro keyboard models that use the method of bending the panel to create a separate area for the function keys to partially protect the switch foot, the high-end MSI keyboard model “Confidently” shows off the key pins with a transparently crafted switch cover that reveals the RGB LED lighting.

The keycap is the most specially made in the lines of mechanical gaming keyboards that the writer has ever experienced with the texture somewhat similar to the Pudding keycaps with two separate layers.

The bottom part is made of transparent plastic, which allows the RGB LED light from the switch foot to pass through easily, providing twice as much illumination as the keyboards using the pudding-shaped keycaps, or many times more, mechanical gaming keyboards use traditional black keycaps.

It’s a bit unfortunate that the top of the keycap still uses the usual ABS material, while a few other accessory manufacturers have even “popularized” the PBT keycaps to even the mechanical gaming keyboard product lines mid-range like the Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE model.

However, this is not too important when some high-end keyboard models like the Razer Huntsman V2 Optical still use this ABS material to make keycaps due to its convenience and familiarity.

The MSI Red Switch Sonic equipped on the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic is a customized version of the Cherry MX series, so users can completely replace the standard keycaps, or Artisan keys on the market to own a satisfactory appearance.

When using the keyboard directly for game tasks, it can be seen that although the change in pressure is very slight compared to the Cherry MX Red version the writer feels the sensitivity of the keyboard is higher, which can be easily noticed with just a flick of the key.

It is true that with high sensitivity, users who are used to the “Cherry MX” mechanical gaming key models will be a bit difficult to get used to this MSI keyboard model, but once you are familiar, you will easily recognize the speed of action is significantly increased.

That also means more mistakes happen, so players need to spend more time practicing to be able to achieve high speed, but still with acceptable accuracy.

Not only smooth gameplay, but the keyboard model is also equipped with media controls and volume scroll buttons with an extremely intuitive layout, making it easy for users to play music, and watch movies with just a few simple movements.

Finally, the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic is part of MSI’s product ecosystem, so if users use a system equipped with hardware components from the dragon team, you will be able to better synchronize with those features such as RGB Mystic Light control, or MSI Center control and the famous After Burner overclocking software.

In general, MSI’s new generation keyboard model is well designed and built, outperforming many keyboard models in the same price range. Along with that is a custom-made switch model that brings a completely new experience to gamers.


It must be said that despite the impressive performance, the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic also has certain limitations.

First, the backlight is quite bright with strong penetration, which is an advantage that brings an impression to the user’s “strategic space”, but for games that need to be highly focused, the brightness of the keyboard along with colorful effects cause a distraction for gamers.

While in some dedicated keyboards for professional gamers, users can even easily switch the backlit display to monochrome with a moderate brightness level with a quick press of a button. Quickly, with the MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic, users have to manipulate all settings manually and then save the profile in the built-in memory to “call” out when needed.

This is not too convenient when the inspiration for a “battle game” comes unexpectedly.

The next thing is with a super-sensitive mechanical switch when used in everyday office tasks, users are very confused during typing, causing some inconvenience when they have to type documents for a long time.

Finally, although the wrist rest is provided with leatherette padding, the angle of the keyboard lift is fixed, so users cannot adjust the tilt of the keyboard to achieve the most comfortable palm rest.

This also partly causes a feeling of numbness for some gamers when they have to play with high intensity for a long time.

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MSI Vigor GK71 Sonic US Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard with MSI Sonic Switches: Buy it now


msi vigor gk71 sonic gaming keyboard gk50 review jp mechanical us gk 71 купить цена


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