Newmen GX6 Pro

Newmen GX6 Pro

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Newmen GX6 Pro

Newmen GX6 Pro is equipped with a FixArt A3330 sensor of up to 7200DPI to help users satisfy most of their needs from gaming to daily work. Besides, GX6 Pro with seven programmable buttons, support for macro backup is a 128Kb memory, not large but enough for users to store key settings needed for work. The type of key inside this mouse with high-performance Ormon keys with a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes.

Newmen GX6 Pro has a moderate body, a total weight of about 141g, suitable for gamers who tend to be more controllable than speed. GX6 Pro has very good machining quality; the joints are seamless, the gap between the buttons and the frame is reasonable. The upper frame is a seamless monolithic plastic coated with a matte finish that does not leave sweat and fingerprints and is also very easy to clean the mouse.

GX6 Pro has an asymmetrical design that is compatible with both left- and right-handed user styles.

GX6 Pro is more suitable for Plam Grip and Finger Grips usage styles than Claw Grips. If you are a gamer with a penchant for holding a Claw Grips mouse, you will feel lost when using the GX6 Pro due to the moderate design and the not-too-high wrist rest. As you can see in the picture above, the right side does not come with any buttons. At the same time, the hips are also freed to increase grip for the hands.

The left body comes with two back/forward buttons that are also programmable. The connection point between the upper body and the mouse base is a plastic border extending from the left body to the right to support RGB light dispersion, but there will only be a single rainbow effect that does not change. Of course, a gaming mouse version with only a very popular price can not require the ability to disperse RGB light smoothly. Note that you will still see that the number of RGB LEDs integrated on the GX6 Pro is not much, so there will be some dark areas on this light-diffusing brace.

Behind the mouse is a Newmen logo with a very sharp eagle wing symbol, of course, also integrated RGB lighting. But unlike the bezel, the lighting on this icon and the scroll wheel only changes based on the DPI level that the user optionally uses.

Finally, the connection cable of GX6 Pro is covered with mesh, but the quality of the mesh is a bit stiff; it is easy to bend the cable, so you need to straighten this part of the cable to get comfortable use. The yellow USB connector also adds value to the GX6 Pro to a higher level than the price segment in which it is positioned.


With the FixArt A3330 sensor with 7200DPI resolution, Newmen will not provide any support application in customizing, setting DPI levels, and setting macros for keys or custom Adjust RGB lighting. On GX6 Pro, users can only customize DPI based on six pre-set levels from 400/800/1200/1600/3200/7200 DPI. Corresponding to each DPI level, there will be a colored light displayed on the scroll wheel and the Newmen icon.

In use, thanks to the FixArt A3330 sensor, Newmen GX6 Pro’s performance is no less than that of mouse products in the same segment as other famous brands. However, there are still some times when the signal is delayed but not significantly. In the experience with FPS shooting games like CS GO, to get the best experience, you need to find the best combination between the DPI level in use and the mouse’s sensitivity in the game.

Thanks to the Omron key, there will be no problem to complain in the press: fast, responsive is what it can say about the feel of the two left and right keys. The pressing feel also provides a comfortable feeling. Overall, with a moderate design that is neither too big nor too small, Newmen GX6 Pro is perfectly suitable for all types of handles. But it is more suitable for those who follow the style of hold Plam Grips and Finger Grips.

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NEWMEN GX6-Pro Wired Gaming Mouse, 7 Programmable Buttons and 6 DPI Profiles with Max 7200 DPI Optical Sensor, RGB Backlight, Lightweight and Ergonomic: Buy it now

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