Nexomon: Extinction Cheats Review

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“Nexomon: Extinction” is a captivating monster-catching RPG developed by VEWO Interactive Inc. and published by PQube Limited. Like many games in its genre, players often seek cheats and tips to enhance their gameplay experience. Cheats can provide various benefits, from giving players extra resources to unlocking rare Nexomon. This review will comprehensively explore the different types of cheats available for “Nexomon: Extinction,” their impact on the gameplay experience, ethical considerations, and how they can be both a boon and a bane for players.

Overview of Nexomon: Extinction Cheats

Cheats in “Nexomon: Extinction” come in several forms, including cheat codes, exploits, and third-party software. These cheats can affect various aspects of the game, such as increasing resources, capturing rare Nexomon, and modifying game mechanics to the player’s advantage.

Common Types of Cheats

  1. Resource Boosters:
    • Description: These cheats provide players with additional resources like coins, NexoTraps, and healing items.
    • Impact: Resource boosters can significantly reduce the grind associated with gathering these items, allowing players to focus more on exploring and capturing Nexomon.
  2. Experience Multipliers:
    • Description: These cheats increase the amount of experience points (XP) earned by Nexomon, enabling faster leveling.
    • Impact: Experience multipliers can help players quickly strengthen their team, making battles easier and reducing the time spent on training.
  3. Capture Enhancements:
    • Description: These cheats improve the success rate of capturing Nexomon or make certain rare Nexomon easier to find.
    • Impact: Capture enhancements can be particularly useful for players looking to complete their Nexomon collection without spending excessive time searching.
  4. Game Speed Modifiers:
    • Description: These cheats allow players to alter the speed of the game, making actions faster or slower.
    • Impact: Speed modifiers can expedite grinding and exploration, making the overall gameplay experience more efficient.
  5. Unlimited Health and Stamina:
    • Description: These cheats provide unlimited health and stamina to the player’s Nexomon.
    • Impact: Having unlimited health and stamina can make battles trivial, removing the challenge and strategy typically involved.
  6. Unlock All Nexomon:
    • Description: This cheat unlocks all Nexomon for the player, bypassing the need to capture them individually.
    • Impact: While it allows players to experience all Nexomon, it eliminates the satisfaction and sense of achievement from finding and capturing them.

Detailed Examination of Popular Cheats

Resource Boosters

Example: A cheat code that grants the player 9999 coins and 99 NexoTraps.


  • Reduced Grind: Players can avoid the repetitive tasks of gathering coins and crafting or purchasing NexoTraps.
  • Enhanced Exploration: With ample resources, players can focus more on exploring the world and enjoying the story.


  • Reduced Challenge: Having unlimited resources can make the game too easy, potentially reducing the satisfaction of overcoming challenges.
  • Ethical Concerns: Using cheats for resources can diminish the intended gameplay experience designed by the developers.

Impact on Gameplay:

Resource boosters can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they allow players to bypass tedious aspects of the game, making the experience more enjoyable. On the other hand, they can remove the challenge and sense of achievement that comes from managing resources effectively.

Experience Multipliers

Example: A cheat that multiplies the XP gained by Nexomon by ten times.


  • Quick Progression: Players can quickly level up their Nexomon, making their team stronger in a shorter amount of time.
  • Less Time Spent Grinding: Reduces the need for repetitive battles solely for the purpose of gaining XP.


  • Overpowered Teams: Players might end up with overly powerful teams, reducing the challenge of battles.
  • Skewed Game Balance: The game’s balance can be disrupted, as players may not follow the intended progression curve.

Impact on Gameplay:

Experience multipliers can significantly enhance the enjoyment for players who prefer rapid progression. However, they can also lead to an imbalanced game experience where battles become too easy and less rewarding.

Capture Enhancements

Example: A cheat that increases the capture rate of all Nexomon by 50%.


  • Complete Collection: Makes it easier for players to capture all Nexomon, especially the rare and elusive ones.
  • Less Frustration: Reduces the frustration associated with failed capture attempts and elusive encounters.


  • Diminished Accomplishment: Capturing rare Nexomon may feel less rewarding if the challenge is significantly reduced.
  • Potential Overuse: Players might rely too heavily on this cheat, missing out on the thrill of encountering and capturing Nexomon naturally.

Impact on Gameplay:

Capture enhancements can streamline the process of building a complete Nexomon collection, which is particularly appealing to completionists. However, they can also dilute the sense of accomplishment and the excitement that comes with capturing rare Nexomon.

Game Speed Modifiers

Example: A cheat that allows players to double the game’s speed.


  • Efficient Gameplay: Players can speed through less interesting parts of the game, such as grinding or backtracking.
  • Flexible Playstyle: Allows players to adjust the game’s pace according to their preference.


  • Potential for Mistakes: Increased speed can lead to mistakes or missed details in the game.
  • Disruption of Experience: The intended pacing and atmosphere of the game might be disrupted.

Impact on Gameplay:

Game speed modifiers offer flexibility and can make the game more enjoyable for players who prefer a faster pace. However, they can also disrupt the game’s intended pacing and atmosphere, potentially leading to a less immersive experience.

Unlimited Health and Stamina

Example: A cheat that grants Nexomon unlimited health and stamina.


  • Easy Battles: Players can breeze through battles without worrying about health or stamina.
  • Focus on Story: Allows players to focus more on the story and exploration rather than combat.


  • No Challenge: Removes the strategic element of battles, making them too easy and potentially boring.
  • Loss of Satisfaction: Winning battles feels less rewarding when there’s no risk of losing.

Impact on Gameplay:

Unlimited health and stamina can make the game significantly easier, which might appeal to players looking to focus solely on the story. However, it removes the challenge and strategic depth of battles, potentially reducing overall satisfaction.

Unlock All Nexomon

Example: A cheat that unlocks every Nexomon in the game for the player’s use.


  • Immediate Access: Players can use any Nexomon without needing to find and capture them.
  • Complete Experience: Allows players to experience all Nexomon and their abilities.


  • No Exploration: Removes the need to explore and search for Nexomon, which is a core part of the game.
  • Reduced Accomplishment: Diminishes the sense of achievement from capturing Nexomon through regular gameplay.

Impact on Gameplay:

Unlocking all Nexomon at once can provide immediate access to the game’s content, which might be appealing to some players. However, it undermines the exploration and collection aspects that are central to the game’s design.

Ethical Considerations

Using cheats in “Nexomon: Extinction” raises several ethical questions related to the integrity of gameplay, respect for the developers, and the impact on the player community.

Integrity of Gameplay


  • Personal Choice: Cheats can be seen as a way for players to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.
  • Accessibility: Cheats can make the game more accessible to players who may struggle with certain aspects.


  • Intended Experience: Cheats can undermine the intended experience crafted by the developers, potentially leading to a less satisfying game.
  • Skill Development: Relying on cheats can hinder the development of skills and strategies that are part of the game’s challenge.

Impact on Gameplay:

While cheats can enhance accessibility and provide a tailored experience, they can also detract from the intended gameplay experience and the satisfaction that comes from overcoming challenges through skill and strategy.

Respect for Developers


  • Extended Engagement: Cheats can keep players engaged with the game for longer periods, potentially increasing overall enjoyment.
  • Positive Word-of-Mouth: Players who use cheats to enjoy the game more might spread positive reviews.


  • Devaluation of Effort: Using cheats can devalue the effort and design decisions made by the developers to create a balanced and engaging game.
  • Potential Exploitation: If cheats involve third-party software or hacking, it can lead to potential exploitation and harm to the game’s integrity.

Impact on Gameplay:

While cheats can enhance player engagement and enjoyment, they can also be seen as disrespectful to the developers’ efforts and the balanced experience they intended to create.

Impact on Player Community


  • Inclusivity: Cheats can make the game more inclusive by allowing a broader range of players to enjoy it.
  • Shared Knowledge: Communities that share cheat codes and tips can foster camaraderie and support.


  • Division: The use of cheats can create divisions within the player community, with some viewing cheats as illegitimate.
  • Competitive Imbalance: In competitive or leaderboard-based aspects of the game, cheats can create an unfair advantage.

Impact on Gameplay:

Cheats can foster inclusivity and support within the player community but can also lead to divisions and competitive imbalances.

Balancing Cheats and Fair Play

For players and developers alike, balancing the use of cheats with fair play is essential to maintain the integrity and enjoyment of “Nexomon: Extinction.”

Developer Response and Policies

Developers of “Nexomon: Extinction” often respond to cheats by implementing updates, patches, or anti-cheat measures to preserve the game’s integrity and balance. These efforts aim to discourage cheating behaviors that could undermine the intended gameplay experience. Additionally, many developers maintain clear policies regarding cheating, outlining consequences for players who violate these terms.

Player Perspective

From a player’s perspective, the decision to use cheats in “Nexomon: Extinction” hinges on personal preferences and motivations:

  1. Enhanced Enjoyment: Some players use cheats to tailor the game experience to their liking, bypassing elements they find tedious or challenging.
  2. Accessibility: Cheats can make the game more accessible to players with limited time or those who struggle with certain gameplay mechanics.
  3. Exploration of Content: Unlocking all Nexomon or resources can allow players to explore and experience more content without constraints.
  4. Experimentation: Cheats enable players to experiment with different strategies or playstyles that might not be feasible in regular gameplay.

However, there are ethical considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Impact on Challenge: Cheats can diminish the challenge and satisfaction derived from overcoming obstacles and progressing through the game organically.
  2. Respect for Developers: Using cheats may undermine the efforts of developers who meticulously designed the game’s challenges, progression, and rewards.
  3. Community Perception: In multiplayer or competitive aspects, using cheats can create an unfair advantage or lead to negative perceptions from other players.

Community and Multiplayer Impact

In multiplayer or online environments, the use of cheats can have broader implications:

  1. Fair Play Concerns: Cheats can disrupt fair play dynamics, leading to frustration among players who prefer a level playing field.
  2. Competitive Integrity: Cheats can skew competitive leaderboards or rankings, affecting the integrity of competitive gameplay.
  3. Community Trust: The discovery of cheats can erode trust within the player community, impacting the overall enjoyment and longevity of the game.


In conclusion, cheats in “Nexomon: Extinction” offer players various benefits, from expedited progression to enhanced exploration of content. However, they also raise ethical concerns related to gameplay integrity, developer respect, and community dynamics. While cheats can cater to individual preferences and accessibility needs, they should be used responsibly to maintain the intended gameplay experience and foster a positive community environment. Developers play a crucial role in addressing cheats through updates and policies to preserve fair play and the long-term enjoyment of the game for all players. Ultimately, the decision to use cheats rests with individual players, who should consider their impact on both personal enjoyment and the broader gaming community.

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