Nexomon: Extinction Walkthrough Review

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Nexomon: Extinction, a role-playing game developed by VEWO Interactive Inc., is a captivating and modern take on the monster-catching genre. Released in August 2020, this title quickly gained popularity among fans of creature-collection games, reminiscent of classics like Pokémon. The game boasts a rich storyline, vibrant graphics, and a diverse array of creatures to capture and train. This review will provide an in-depth walkthrough of the game’s main storyline, including tips and strategies for players to enhance their experience.

Prologue and Character Creation

The game begins with an engaging prologue that sets the stage for the epic adventure. Players are introduced to the world of Nexomon and its central conflict: the extinction of the Nexomon species due to a series of catastrophic events. After this introduction, players can create their character, choosing from a variety of avatars to represent them in the game. The customization options are somewhat limited but sufficient to provide a personal touch.

Starting Out

Players start in a small village called Parum, where they receive their first Nexomon. Unlike traditional games in this genre, Nexomon: Extinction allows players to choose from nine starter Nexomon, each representing different elemental types. This choice is crucial as it influences the player’s initial strategy and team composition.

Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

The first chapter involves basic training and tutorials to help players understand the mechanics of the game. Key activities include:

  • Capturing Nexomon: Players learn to capture Nexomon using NexoTraps. The game provides a generous supply of these early on to help players build their initial team.
  • Battling: Players engage in battles against wild Nexomon and other tamers. The turn-based combat system is straightforward, with each Nexomon having unique abilities and elemental affinities that affect battle outcomes.
  • Exploration: Players explore Parum and its surroundings, gathering items, and completing simple quests to gain experience and rewards.

Chapter 2: Guild Acceptance

Upon completing initial tasks, players are invited to join the Tamer’s Guild, a prestigious organization dedicated to preserving the Nexomon species and maintaining peace. This chapter involves:

  • Guild Registration: Players undergo a series of trials to prove their worth. These trials test various skills, including battling, capturing Nexomon, and solving puzzles.
  • Meeting Allies: Players meet key characters who will aid them throughout their journey. These characters provide valuable advice, items, and occasionally join in battles.
  • First Major Quest: The guild assigns the player their first major quest, which involves investigating disturbances in a nearby forest. This quest introduces players to more challenging battles and complex environments.

Chapter 3: The Tyrant Threat

The storyline intensifies as players learn about Tyrants, powerful Nexomon threatening the world’s balance. This chapter is pivotal, involving:

  • Tyrant Battles: Players encounter their first Tyrant, a formidable opponent requiring strategic planning and a well-balanced team to defeat.
  • Team Building: To tackle the increasing difficulty, players must expand and train their team. This involves capturing rare Nexomon, leveling up, and evolving them to unlock new abilities.
  • Quests and Side Missions: In addition to the main storyline, players can undertake various side missions to gain experience, items, and additional lore.

Chapter 4: The Legendary Nexomon

As players progress, they learn about legendary Nexomon, ancient creatures with immense power. This chapter focuses on:

  • Legendary Hunts: Players embark on quests to find and capture these legendary Nexomon. These quests are challenging and often require solving intricate puzzles and defeating powerful foes.
  • Strategic Depth: Capturing legendary Nexomon significantly enhances the player’s team, offering new strategies and combat possibilities.
  • Story Development: The plot thickens as players uncover more about the history and origins of the Nexomon world.

Chapter 5: The Nexolord

The player’s journey eventually leads them to confront the Nexolord, a central antagonist orchestrating the Tyrant attacks. This chapter is action-packed, involving:

  • Infiltration Missions: Players must infiltrate the Nexolord’s stronghold, facing numerous challenges and enemies.
  • Epic Battles: The battles against the Nexolord and his minions are among the toughest in the game, requiring top-tier Nexomon and advanced strategies.
  • Plot Twists: Significant plot twists and revelations occur, deepening the story and setting the stage for the final confrontation.

Chapter 6: The Final Showdown

The climax of Nexomon: Extinction is the final showdown against the ultimate Tyrant. This chapter is the culmination of all the player’s efforts, featuring:

  • Preparation: Players must thoroughly prepare by ensuring their team is at its strongest. This involves grinding for levels, optimizing team composition, and stocking up on essential items.
  • The Final Battle: The battle against the ultimate Tyrant is intense and challenging, demanding the player’s full strategic acumen.
  • Conclusion: The game concludes with a satisfying resolution to the storyline, rewarding players with a sense of accomplishment and closure.

Post-Game Content

After completing the main storyline, Nexomon: Extinction offers substantial post-game content, including:

  • Legendary Nexomon Hunts: Additional quests to capture remaining legendary Nexomon.
  • Side Missions: Numerous side missions that further explore the game’s world and characters.
  • PvP Battles: Players can engage in PvP battles against other players to test their skills and team compositions.

Gameplay Mechanics

Nexomon: Extinction’s gameplay mechanics are robust and engaging, with several key features:

  • Elemental System: Each Nexomon has an elemental affinity (e.g., fire, water, electric), influencing their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding this system is crucial for effective team building and battle strategies.
  • Nexomon Evolution: As Nexomon level up, they can evolve into more powerful forms, unlocking new abilities and stat enhancements.
  • Item Management: Players must manage various items, including healing potions, status cures, and NexoTraps. Efficient item management can make a significant difference in battles.

Graphics and Sound

The game’s graphics are vibrant and colorful, with detailed character and Nexomon designs. The environments are diverse and beautifully rendered, enhancing the overall immersion. The sound design complements the visuals, featuring an engaging soundtrack and well-executed sound effects.

Replay Value

Nexomon: Extinction offers high replay value due to its extensive post-game content, diverse Nexomon collection, and challenging PvP battles. Players can continually refine their strategies, explore new team compositions, and engage in competitive play.

Tips and Strategies

  • Balanced Team Composition: Ensure your team covers a range of elemental types to handle various opponents effectively.
  • Grinding and Training: Regularly train your Nexomon to keep them at competitive levels. Grinding in areas with high-level wild Nexomon can be particularly effective.
  • Resource Management: Keep a good stock of essential items, especially healing potions and NexoTraps. This preparation is crucial for tough battles and capturing rare Nexomon.
  • Exploration: Thoroughly explore each area to find hidden items, rare Nexomon, and side quests that offer valuable rewards.


Nexomon: Extinction is a stellar addition to the monster-catching genre, offering a rich storyline, engaging gameplay, and extensive content. Its blend of traditional and modern elements creates a unique and captivating experience. Whether you’re a veteran of the genre or a newcomer, Nexomon: Extinction provides hours of entertainment and challenge. With its vibrant world, strategic depth, and high replay value, this game is a must-play for fans of creature-collection RPGs.

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