PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder

PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder

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The PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder is a specialized device designed to monitor and record voltage disturbances in electrical systems. As an essential tool for electrical engineers, power system operators, and facility managers, the D50 aims to detect and analyze voltage fluctuations, sags, swells, interruptions, and other power quality issues. With its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance, the PQR D50 stands as a valuable solution for ensuring the stability and quality of electrical power.


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Design and Build Quality:

The PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder boasts a sturdy and durable construction, ensuring its suitability for use in various environments. Its compact form factor allows for easy installation and portability, making it convenient to set up in different locations for voltage monitoring.

The device’s user-friendly design includes a clear LCD display and an intuitive button layout, providing easy access to essential functions and real-time monitoring of voltage disturbances. The robust build quality ensures that the D50 can withstand the rigors of industrial applications and continuous monitoring.

Features and Functionality: The PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder is equipped with advanced features that cater to the specific needs of power quality monitoring. It offers high-speed voltage recording with precise time-stamping, allowing users to capture and analyze voltage disturbances with accuracy.

The recorder’s measurement capabilities include voltage sag, swell, interruption, transient, and frequency variation detection. The D50 continuously monitors voltage levels and records deviations from the desired voltage waveform, providing valuable insights into power quality issues that can affect electrical equipment and sensitive electronics.

The device also supports event-triggered recording, enabling users to focus on specific time intervals or incidents of interest, streamlining data analysis and reducing storage requirements.

Data Storage and Connectivity: The PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder features ample data storage capacity to record a significant amount of voltage data. Depending on the device’s configuration and the sampling rate, it can record and store voltage data over extended periods, ensuring that critical events are captured and analyzed thoroughly.

Additionally, the D50 supports various connectivity options, including USB and Ethernet, facilitating data retrieval and remote monitoring. The USB port enables quick and easy data transfer to a computer or external storage device, while the Ethernet connection allows for remote access and real-time monitoring of voltage disturbances.

PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder

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Analysis and Reporting: The D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder provides powerful analysis and reporting capabilities, allowing users to identify and diagnose power quality issues accurately. The device offers comprehensive graphical representations of voltage disturbances, including waveform graphs and harmonic analyses, which aid in understanding the nature and severity of the disturbances.

The accompanying software provides sophisticated data analysis tools, enabling users to perform in-depth studies and generate comprehensive reports. These reports are invaluable for power system operators and electrical engineers seeking to maintain stable and high-quality power supply systems.

Event Classification and Notifications: The PQR D50 includes event classification features that categorize voltage disturbances based on severity, duration, and impact. This classification assists users in prioritizing and addressing power quality issues effectively.

Furthermore, the device supports customizable notifications and alerts, which can be configured to inform designated personnel when significant voltage disturbances occur. This proactive approach allows for quick response and mitigation of potential problems, reducing downtime and minimizing the risk of equipment damage.

Security and Data Protection: The PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder places a strong emphasis on data security and protection. The device features password-protected access to prevent unauthorized configuration changes and data manipulation. This security measure ensures that only authorized personnel can access and manage the device’s settings and recorded data.

Additionally, the D50 offers data encryption options for sensitive information, providing an extra layer of protection against data breaches or tampering.

Usability and Interface: The PQR D50 is designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that users can quickly set up and operate the device. The intuitive interface and menu navigation make it accessible to both experienced professionals and those new to power quality monitoring.

The large LCD display provides real-time monitoring of voltage levels and disturbances, offering clear and legible visual feedback. The strategically placed buttons enable users to access key functions with minimal effort.


  1. Sturdy and durable construction suitable for industrial applications
  2. High-speed voltage recording with precise time-stamping
  3. Comprehensive measurement capabilities for voltage sag, swell, interruption, transient, and frequency variation
  4. Event-triggered recording for focused data analysis
  5. Ample data storage capacity for extended monitoring periods
  6. USB and Ethernet connectivity for data retrieval and remote monitoring
  7. Powerful analysis and reporting features for accurate diagnosis of power quality issues
  8. Event classification and customizable notifications for proactive problem-solving
  9. Data security and encryption options for enhanced data protection
  10. Intuitive interface and user-friendly operation


  1. Limited to voltage disturbance recording and analysis; does not include power quality parameters such as harmonics or flicker
  2. May require additional training for novice users to fully utilize advanced analysis and reporting features

Conclusion: The PQR D50 Voltage Disturbance Recorder stands as a valuable tool for professionals in the electrical engineering and power system monitoring fields. Its robust design, advanced features, and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable solution for detecting and analyzing voltage disturbances and ensuring the stability and quality of electrical power.

With high-speed voltage recording and comprehensive measurement capabilities, the D50 provides accurate data for identifying and diagnosing voltage sags, swells, interruptions, and transients. The event-triggered recording and event classification features help users focus on specific incidents, streamlining data analysis and facilitating quick response to critical disturbances.

The accompanying software and analysis tools offer in-depth insights into power quality issues, enabling users to generate comprehensive reports for efficient decision-making and maintenance planning. The device’s connectivity options, data security features, and customizable notifications ensure that critical information is easily accessible while protecting sensitive data.

While the D50 is specialized for voltage disturbance recording and analysis, it may not include additional power quality parameters such as harmonics or flicker. Users seeking a more comprehensive power quality monitoring solution may require additional devices or equipment.

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