pxn 9613 amazon driver download drive đánh giá gamepad hcm manual pro reddit review vs rapoo v600s shopee ttg tiki tay 9603 cầm white bluetooth đà nẵng

PXN 9613

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amazon PXN 9613 reviews

pxn 9613 amazon driver download drive đánh giá gamepad hcm manual pro reddit review vs rapoo v600s shopee ttg tiki tay 9603 cầm white bluetooth đà nẵng

With pluses such as good compatibility, multi-connection support, multi-device support, a comfortable grip experience, and a long warranty period, PXN 9613 can be considered a reasonable choice in the cheap segment handle.

Besides the familiar mouse + keyboard combo, playing games with a controller has become familiar to PC gamers in recent years. Compared to Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo consoles, the number of handheld models used on PCs is much more diverse, covering many different price segments.

Accordingly, in the segment from $40-90, gamers can choose 100% new controller models of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, in the segment of less than $40, this is the “battlefield” ‘ of a series of controller models such as Xbox 360 (wired version), Logitech F310, or ‘made in China’ controller models that have appeared in the past few years such as GameSir T4 Pro, PXN 9613.

With two simple black or white tones covering the handle, combined with orange in the analog stick, the appearance of PXN 9613 is at a good level, not really ‘shimmer’ like the color scheme of a hand model. Another cheap controller is the GameSir T4 Pro.

Not too much to comment on the design of PXN 9613; this model ‘imitates’ 100% of the Xbox 360 controller form – which is considered the optimal and standard design for a good controller. PXN 9613 also uses the same button layout as the Xbox controller, with the left analog stick placed asymmetrically on top, the ‘1 piece’ Dpad cluster located below.

Gamers can easily connect the PXN 9613 to their PC in both wired (via the included micro USB cord) and wireless modes. PXN 9613 can connect to Android smartphones, TV Boxes, or even PS3 with its wireless mode.

If the player wants to connect to the PC, the manufacturer of the PXN has built-in a USB Bluetooth Dongle 4.0, operating in the 2.4 GHz band, allowing the player to connect the PXN 9613 to the PC within 7m quickly and stably.

The only minus point of this connection mode comes from the fact that the PXN home controller model is not compatible with 3rd party Bluetooth USB models, making it difficult for players if the dongle is lost the handle.

Good compatibility is also an advantage of PXN 9613. In the past, cheap Chinese handheld models usually only supported the old API standard, DirectInput, then with PXN 9613, this controller model supports it. XInput – the most common API standard on PC today, similar to Xbox controller models.

When connecting PXN 9613 to a PC, the Windows operating system automatically recognizes this as an Xbox 360 controller model. That means, with PXN 9613, players can comfortably experience all the titles. The game supports controller control following Plug and Play standards, meaning no need to customize or install any other software.

It can be said that the PXN 9613 offers the same user experience as the ‘original’ Xbox hand, including a very comfortable and comfortable grip, suitable for gamers with large hands. The feel of the PXN 9613 is also relatively good, when the buttons and trigger of the PXN 9613 are bouncy and deep but still a bit ‘stiff’ compared to more expensive handle models like the Dual Shock 4. Meanwhile, the pair of vibration motors integrated inside the hand of PXN 9613 works quite well, providing a feeling of ‘vibration’ in dramatic scenes in the game.

However, personally, the writer is not too impressed with the analog stick of PXN 9613. They are too ‘loose’ and lack the necessary ‘tightness,’ making it easy for gamers to have unwanted processing phases that require precise analog stick movements (like racing games). The layout of the Micro USB port located on the back of the handle is also not reasonable; invisible creates a feeling of entanglement when the player connects in wired mode.

Besides, Laboratory 9613 uses glossy plastic (instead of rough plastic) on the front, which is also a minus point. In addition to being easily dirty, this glossy plastic layer also uses PXN 9613 for a long time, not ideal in hot summer weather, especially for gamers who sweat a lot. Finally, the 550 mAh Lithium battery built into the PXN 9613 is not ‘enough,’ as this controller quickly runs out of battery when playing in wireless mode.

In general, with a product priced at only about $30, we can hardly ask for anything more in Laboratory 9613. On the contrary, with pluses such as good compatibility, multi-connection, multi-device, comfortable grip experience, and long warranty period. PXN 9613 can be considered a reasonable alternative to Xbox 360 (wired) controller models, which are no longer produced and are flooding the market with ‘fake goods.’

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pxn 9613 amazon driver download drive đánh giá gamepad hcm manual pro reddit review vs rapoo v600s shopee ttg tiki tay 9603 cầm white bluetooth đà nẵng windows 10 pxn-9613 error how to connect instructions wireless gaming controller – game install


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