Surviving mars achievements guide

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Achievements in “Surviving Mars” offer players a set of challenges and objectives to accomplish throughout their journey of colonizing the Red Planet. Each achievement represents a milestone or a significant accomplishment within the game, ranging from mastering certain gameplay mechanics to achieving specific milestones in colony development. This comprehensive review will delve into the achievements available in “Surviving Mars,” providing a detailed guide on how to unlock them, strategies to pursue, and tips to maximize your achievement hunting experience.

Introduction to Achievements in Surviving Mars

Overview of Achievements

Achievements in “Surviving Mars” serve as milestones that recognize players’ accomplishments and progression in various aspects of the game. They encourage exploration of different gameplay mechanics, strategic planning, and resilience against the challenges posed by the Martian environment. Achievements are typically unlocked by completing specific objectives, reaching certain milestones, or demonstrating mastery of game mechanics.

Importance of Achievements

  • Goal Setting: Achievements provide clear goals and objectives for players to strive towards, enhancing motivation and engagement.
  • Game Mastery: Unlocking achievements often requires mastering different aspects of gameplay, fostering skill development and strategic thinking.
  • Replayability: Achievements encourage replayability as players strive to complete all challenges and explore different strategies and approaches.

How Achievements Work

  • Unlock Conditions: Each achievement has specific unlock conditions, such as completing milestones, reaching population thresholds, or surviving environmental challenges.
  • In-Game Tracking: Progress towards achievements is tracked within the game, allowing players to monitor their advancement.
  • Reward System: Achievements may offer in-game rewards such as unique colony skins, special badges, or recognition on leaderboards.

Comprehensive Guide to Surviving Mars Achievements

1. Starting Out

Rookie Colonist

Description: Successfully complete the first Mystery.

Strategy: Focus on establishing a stable colony early on, balancing resource management and colony expansion. Complete the required steps to uncover the mystery and resolve it to achieve this milestone.

Red Planet Novice

Description: Have a population of 100 colonists.

Strategy: Expand residential areas and attract new colonists through Passenger Rockets. Maintain basic needs such as housing, food, and medical care to support population growth.

The First Step

Description: Successfully land a Rocket on Mars.

Strategy: Ensure a successful landing by selecting an appropriate landing site and managing resources effectively to support initial colony operations.

2. Mastering Resources and Infrastructure


Description: Have a colonist born on Mars.

Strategy: Develop a sustainable colony with adequate life support, education, and residential facilities to support Martianborn colonists.

Metal Riches

Description: Extract 100,000 units of Metal.

Strategy: Focus on establishing efficient Metal Extractors and Storage Depots near Metal deposits. Prioritize research on advanced extraction technologies to increase efficiency.

Concrete Extravaganza

Description: Extract 100,000 units of Concrete.

Strategy: Identify and exploit Concrete deposits early in the game. Build Concrete Extractors and Storage Depots near viable deposits to ensure a steady supply.

3. Technological Advancements


Description: Research all technologies in the Engineering tech tree.

Strategy: Prioritize research on Engineering technologies to unlock all advancements. Allocate sufficient resources to Research Labs and prioritize researchers.


Description: Research all technologies in the Science tech tree.

Strategy: Invest in Science Labs and allocate scientists to accelerate research progress. Focus on unlocking advanced technologies and boosting scientific capabilities.


Description: Build a Dome on a dust storm active map.

Strategy: Prepare in advance by stockpiling resources and establishing robust life support systems. Coordinate Dome construction during favorable conditions to mitigate dust storm impacts.

4. Colonist Management and Happiness

The Founder

Description: Have your first Founder.

Strategy: Attract and retain high-skilled colonists with desirable traits through Passenger Rockets. Provide comfortable living conditions, social activities, and employment opportunities.

Martian Festival

Description: Host a festival in a Dome with at least 100 colonists.

Strategy: Plan and organize festivals to boost colonist morale and satisfaction. Ensure adequate infrastructure and entertainment options within the Dome.


Description: Have a colonist go rogue and establish a Martian Faction.

Strategy: Monitor colonist traits and behaviors closely. Address dissatisfaction and social conflicts promptly to prevent factions from forming.

5. Challenges and Resilience


Description: Get a Colonist Drunk on Martian Wine.

Strategy: Produce Martian Wine in a winery within a Dome. Ensure sufficient production and distribution to fulfill colonists’ leisure needs.


Description: Finish Mystery Chain without colonists casualties.

Strategy: Carefully manage crises and emergencies. Develop contingency plans and establish robust emergency protocols to ensure colonist safety.

Sol 100

Description: Survive 100 Sols on Mars.

Strategy: Prepare for long-term sustainability and resilience against Martian challenges. Develop a self-sufficient colony with reliable resource production and infrastructure.

6. Exploring Mysteries

Mission Controller

Description: Complete all Sponsor Goals.

Strategy: Select a Sponsor with achievable goals aligned with your gameplay strategy. Prioritize fulfilling Sponsor objectives while managing colony development.

The Final Frontier

Description: Solve all Mysteries.

Strategy: Investigate and uncover mysteries by researching anomalies and solving events. Use available resources and technology to unravel the secrets of Mars.

7. Miscellaneous Achievements


Description: Produce Food, Minerals, and Rare Metals on the surface.

Strategy: Establish efficient farming, mining, and rare metal extraction operations on Mars. Optimize resource production to achieve self-sufficiency.


Description: Have all four Ascension Criterias filled at the same time.

Strategy: Fulfill the Ascension criteria by achieving high colony milestones in population, resources, research, and sustainability. Maintain balanced progress across all criteria.

Tips for Achievement Hunters

1. Plan Ahead

  • Goal Setting: Review achievement requirements and plan your gameplay strategy accordingly.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor achievement progress in-game to stay on track towards unlocking objectives.

2. Experiment and Adapt

  • Strategy Variation: Explore different strategies and approaches to overcome challenges and achieve milestones.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Embrace failures as learning opportunities and adjust tactics for improved outcomes.

3. Utilize Guides and Resources

  • Community Insights: Seek tips and strategies from online forums, guides, and community discussions.
  • Video Tutorials: Watch gameplay videos and tutorials to learn effective techniques for challenging achievements.

4. Save Regularly

  • Backup Saves: Create backup saves at critical milestones or before attempting challenging achievements.
  • Trial and Error: Experiment with different approaches and reload saves if necessary to optimize outcomes.


Achievements in “Surviving Mars” provide a roadmap for players to explore, conquer, and master the challenges of colonizing Mars. By following this comprehensive guide, players can navigate through different gameplay mechanics, overcome obstacles, and achieve significant milestones in their Martian journey. Whether you’re focused on resource management, technological advancement, or colonist welfare, there’s an achievement waiting to be unlocked that suits your playstyle and strategic preferences.

Embrace the dynamic and immersive world of “Surviving Mars,” experiment with diverse strategies, and challenge yourself to unlock all achievements. With perseverance, strategic planning, and resilience, you can build a thriving human civilization amidst the harsh conditions of the Red Planet. Good luck, and may your Martian colony flourish and prosper!

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