Surviving Mars Cheats

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“Surviving Mars,” developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox Interactive, is a challenging city-building and management game that tasks players with colonizing the Red Planet. The game’s complexity and difficulty can sometimes lead players to seek out cheats to enhance their experience, whether to overcome a particularly tough scenario, explore the game’s mechanics without constraints, or simply have fun in a sandbox environment. This comprehensive review will explore the various cheats available in “Surviving Mars,” how to activate them, and the impact they have on gameplay. We will delve into the ethical considerations, the potential benefits and drawbacks of using cheats, and provide detailed instructions for both PC and console players.

Introduction to Cheats in Surviving Mars

Cheats in “Surviving Mars” can significantly alter the gameplay experience. They range from simple resource boosts to more complex alterations like disabling certain game mechanics. Understanding how to effectively use these cheats can enhance your experience, whether you’re looking to experiment, learn, or simply bypass challenging sections.

Types of Cheats

  1. Resource Cheats: Instantly gain essential resources like metals, water, and concrete.
  2. Construction Cheats: Build structures without requiring materials or workforce.
  3. Colonist Cheats: Modify colonist attributes, spawn new colonists, or alter their needs and behaviors.
  4. Environmental Cheats: Control weather conditions and other environmental factors.
  5. Gameplay Mechanics: Adjust or disable game mechanics such as maintenance, power requirements, and disasters.

Ethical Considerations

While cheats can make the game easier and more enjoyable in some scenarios, they also alter the intended experience. Consider the following:

  • Learning Tool: Cheats can be a valuable learning tool, allowing players to understand complex mechanics without the pressure of survival.
  • Spoiling the Challenge: Using cheats can remove the sense of accomplishment that comes from overcoming the game’s challenges.
  • Balance and Fairness: In multiplayer or community-driven scenarios, using cheats can disrupt balance and fairness.

Activating Cheats in Surviving Mars

PC Cheats

For PC players, enabling cheats is straightforward but requires some setup. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Accessing the Developer Console:
    • Open the game and press ~ (tilde) to open the developer console.
    • If the console doesn’t open, you may need to enable it through the game’s launch options in Steam. Right-click on “Surviving Mars” in your library, select “Properties,” and in the “General” tab, enter -devmode in the launch options.
  2. Using the Console:
    • Once the console is open, you can enter various cheat commands.
    • Common commands include adding resources, modifying colonist traits, and altering game mechanics.

Console Cheats

For console players, cheats are usually accessed through in-game menus or by entering specific codes. The process may vary depending on the platform (PlayStation, Xbox).

  1. In-Game Cheats Menu:
    • Some cheats can be accessed through the in-game menus by navigating to specific options.
    • Check for an “Options” or “Cheats” menu in the game settings.
  2. Entering Codes:
    • On consoles, you might need to enter specific button sequences or codes to activate cheats.
    • These codes are often found online or in game manuals.

Detailed Cheat Commands and Their Effects

Resource Cheats

  1. Add Resource Command:
    • addResource("resourceType", amount): Adds a specified amount of the given resource to your colony.
    • Example: addResource("Concrete", 1000) adds 1000 units of concrete.
  2. Instant Extraction:
    • instantExtract(): Instantly extracts resources from all active mining sites and deposits them in storage.
    • Useful for quickly gathering resources without waiting for extraction processes.

Construction Cheats

  1. Free Construction:
    • freeBuild(): Allows you to build any structure without requiring materials.
    • Example: freeBuild("DomeBasic") constructs a basic dome without using resources.
  2. Instant Build:
    • instantBuild(): Completes all currently in-progress constructions instantly.
    • Eliminates the waiting time for buildings to be constructed.

Colonist Cheats

  1. Add Colonists:
    • spawnColonist(number): Spawns a specified number of colonists at your landing site.
    • Example: spawnColonist(10) adds 10 new colonists to your colony.
  2. Modify Traits:
    • modifyColonistTrait(colonistId, trait): Changes the trait of a specific colonist.
    • Example: modifyColonistTrait(12345, "Genius") turns the colonist with ID 12345 into a genius.
  3. Colonist Needs:
    • disableColonistNeeds(): Disables all needs for colonists, effectively making them self-sufficient.
    • Colonists will no longer require food, water, or oxygen.

Environmental Cheats

  1. Weather Control:
    • setWeather(type): Sets the current weather to a specified type.
    • Example: setWeather("DustStorm") triggers a dust storm.
  2. Disaster Management:
    • disableDisasters(): Disables all natural disasters.
    • Prevents meteors, cold waves, and dust storms from occurring.

Gameplay Mechanics

  1. Unlimited Power:
    • unlimitedPower(): Grants unlimited power to your colony.
    • All structures will operate without power limitations.
  2. Maintenance Free:
    • disableMaintenance(): Disables maintenance requirements for all buildings.
    • Structures will no longer require maintenance resources or repairs.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Cheats


  1. Learning and Experimentation:
    • Cheats allow new players to learn game mechanics without the pressure of survival. Experimenting with different setups and strategies can be easier when resource constraints are lifted.
  2. Creative Freedom:
    • For players who enjoy the creative aspect of colony building, cheats provide the freedom to construct elaborate and imaginative colonies without worrying about resources and survival.
  3. Overcoming Tough Scenarios:
    • Cheats can help players overcome particularly difficult scenarios or recover from mistakes. This can be especially useful in high-difficulty modes where the margin for error is slim.
  4. Time-Saving:
    • Cheats can save time by speeding up processes like construction and resource gathering, allowing players to focus on other aspects of the game.


  1. Reduced Challenge:
    • The game’s challenge and sense of accomplishment are significantly diminished when cheats are used. Overcoming difficulties is a core part of the experience, and cheats can undermine this.
  2. Unbalanced Gameplay:
    • Using cheats can lead to unbalanced gameplay, making certain aspects of the game too easy or trivial. This can result in a less engaging and rewarding experience.
  3. Potential Bugs and Glitches:
    • Some cheats can cause unintended side effects or glitches. This can disrupt the gameplay experience and potentially lead to game crashes or corrupted save files.
  4. Loss of Progress:
    • Relying on cheats can lead to a lack of genuine progress. Players might miss out on the satisfaction of building and managing a successful colony through their own efforts.

Ethical Considerations and Community Perceptions

Personal Use vs. Public Use

  1. Single-Player vs. Multiplayer:
    • Using cheats in single-player mode is generally considered acceptable as it affects only the individual player’s experience. In multiplayer or community scenarios, cheats can disrupt the balance and fairness of the game.
  2. Transparency:
    • If sharing gameplay experiences, such as through streaming or posting online, be transparent about the use of cheats. This helps maintain trust and clarity within the community.

Encouraging Fair Play

  1. Responsible Use:
    • Use cheats responsibly and consider their impact on your overall experience. Balance the use of cheats with genuine gameplay to maintain the challenge and enjoyment of the game.
  2. Community Guidelines:
    • Respect community guidelines and norms regarding cheats. Different communities may have varying attitudes toward cheats, and adhering to these norms can foster a positive and respectful environment.


Cheats in “Surviving Mars” offer a range of possibilities for enhancing and customizing the gameplay experience. Whether you’re looking to overcome a tough scenario, experiment with new strategies, or simply enjoy a sandbox mode without constraints, cheats can provide valuable tools. However, it’s important to consider the impact of cheats on the game’s challenge and balance, as well as the ethical implications within the community.

By understanding the various cheats available, how to activate them, and their potential benefits and drawbacks, players can make informed decisions about when and how to use cheats in “Surviving Mars.” Whether you choose to play with or without cheats, the ultimate goal is to enjoy the journey of colonizing and thriving on the Red Planet.

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