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Tanchjim Zero

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amazon Tanchjim Zero reviews

tanchjim zero crinacle octane number dsp frequency response graph gas foods headfi sum hai ya visham is price in bd review reddit shopee vs moondrop chu salnotes tanya ola レビュー 7 when it falls

After years of dominating the ranking of the most worth-buying in-ear headphones in the $20 segment, now the position of Blon BL-03 has to be ceded to many other products of superior quality. One of them is the IEM Tanchjim Zero model.

Packaging and accessories

Tanchjim Zero is one of the IEM models with the most eye-catching packaging design. The attraction of Zero lies in the sexy and lovely waifu image that is prominently printed on the front of the cover box. Accompanied by the brand logo and product name. On the back, there will be detailed specifications and audio frequency charts of Zero.

The range of accessories included with the Tanchjim Zero includes:

4 pairs of silicone ear tips (1 pair has been attached directly to the headset)

3 pairs of foam ear tips

1 drawstring bag

Detailed user manual and warranty card

Design and wearing experience

Looking at the design of Tanchjim Zero, many people will think of another IEM model, which is Tanchjim Ola. Still possessing the same elegant and elegant beauty as the elder, Zero has a slightly renovated housing part. Instead of using a teardrop-shaped design, Zero’s housing is now curved into a circle. The new shape and slanted acoustic ducts make it easy for the Zero to go deep and fit inside the listener’s ear comfortably and comfortably.

Due to the housing made of transparent plastic material, users can easily observe the detailed structure inside the Tanchjim Zero. Particularly, the faceplate will be made of aluminum and engraved with the Tanchjim logo (left ear) and Zero product name (right ear). In the sound pipe part of Zero, Tanchjim has equipped with a SATTI filter imported from Italy and a filter mesh made of stainless steel. With this structure, even the smallest dirt cannot penetrate inside the headset.

The most unfortunate point on Tanchjim Zero is that the cable is designed to be seamless with the headset, so future upgrades will be difficult. Inside the cable are conductors made of 4N silver-plated OFC copper. Reinforced by Kevlar fibers both increase the strength of the cable while increasing the smoothness and accuracy of audio signal transmission. Twisted braiding of the conductors according to the Litz structure allows pushing the signal transmission efficiency to the highest level. The cable uses a standard 3.5mm jack. Zero has two versions for users to choose from, with and without a mic.

where can you get a Tanchjim Zero online

Fanmusic TANCHJIM Zero Earphone in-Ear HiFi Dynamic Driver Earphone (3.5mm with mic): Buy it now

TANCHJIM Zero Single Dynamic Driver in-Ear Earphone, Premium DMT4 Architecture Dynamic Driver HiFi IEMs in-Ear Monitor (Without Mic): Buy it now

TANCHJIM Zero in-Ear HiFi Dynamic Driver Earphone with 1.25M+3.5MM Cable DMT4 IEMs (Without mic): Buy it now

Configure driver and sound quality

Inside the housing of Tanchjim Zero is a dynamic DMT driver cluster developed for the 4th generation. The diaphragm is made of composite fiber with outstanding features of being ultra-thin, ultra-light, and super-sturdy. These characteristics will be the foundation for creating clarity and detail for audio signals. The use of state-of-the-art algorithms and technology helps Tanchjim create a special sound chamber that improves Zero’s sonic performance. In terms of specifications, the Tanchjim Zero has a frequency response range of 7Hz – 50kHz, a sensitivity of 118dB and operates at an impedance of 32Ohm.

Tanchjim Zero has a sound quality tuned in a neutral direction and not for bass heads. The notes have a moderate volume and the use of Final Type E ear tips will somewhat increase the thickness of the notes. At the same time expand the soundstage a bit and improve the ability to separate layers in the bass range. Due to the relatively small housing, the use of large-size ear tips will increase the fit and tightness when wearing Zero on the ear.

The bass range on the Tanchjim Zero has a fast response rate and is strictly controlled, so encroachment into other sound bands rarely occurs. Because the volume is not abundant, Zero is not suitable for exciting music like EDM or Rock. Despite the good texture, the lack of volume makes Zero’s bass sound not good.

Zero’s strength lies in the mid-range with a natural and realistic timbre. The vocal part doesn’t go too far forward, but it also doesn’t fall back, so it has a relatively good buoyancy. The vocal part has a good texture and sounds sweet, elegant, and pleasant. Meanwhile, the sound of the instruments is described clearly and has good reverberation. Another plus point is that the transition between the low mid and upper mid is quite smooth.

With the right amount, the treble strip on Tanchjim Zero sounds very shimmering and never encounters a harsh situation. The extension in the treble range is well-handled and can retrieve quite detailed signals. The soundstage has good depth and width, but it lacks a bit of height. The audio section has high accuracy and is almost the best in the segment. The ability to classify well helps listeners easily locate the position of each instrument.

Sensitivity as high as 118dB and impedance as low as 32Ohm allows Tanchjim Zero to be compatible with almost any source device on the market. Users only need to pair Zero with a smartphone to be immersed in music. However, pairing the Zero with the Tempotec V6 player or the Dunu DTC 500 DAC improves the quality of the bass range and significantly expands the soundstage.


Vs KBear Little Q

Despite having a richer bass range, Little Q has not yet been classified in the IEM bass head category. Technically, the two headphones are on par. The main difference comes from the sound quality. Little Q has a warm sound quality and is more pleasing to the ear, while the Tanchjim Zero has a brighter and more neutral sound quality. The compact bullet-shaped design makes the Little Q a little better to wear. But when it comes to appearance, it is clear that Zero possesses more attractive features, especially the pretty cover box.

Vs 7Hz Salnotes Zero

Both have the name Zero but both have completely different sound qualities. The sound that the 7Hz Salnotes Zero provides sounds warmer and has better depth. The bass range above 7Hz Zero sounds more solid and deeper. With the characteristic V-Shape sound quality, 7Hz Zero well serves the needs of the majority of audiophiles today. On the Tanchjim Zero side, this IEM model is mainly aimed at audiophiles who love light music like pop ballads or orchestral music. Moving on to the design, due to its more compact and rounded design, the Tanchjim Zero offers a more comfortable wearing experience. For those who have a small ear mold, wearing 7Hz Zero on their ears will be a bit difficult.

Possessing many outstanding points such as small and light design, good finishing quality, comfortable wearing feeling, and clear sound quality, … with a price of less than $20, it is clear that Tanchjim Zero is a great bargain.


tanchjim zero crinacle octane number dsp frequency response graph gas foods headfi sum hai ya visham is price in bd review reddit shopee vs moondrop chu salnotes tanya ola レビュー 7 when it falls


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