Tekken 7 Cheats

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“Tekken 7,” developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is one of the most celebrated entries in the long-running fighting game series. Known for its deep combat mechanics, diverse character roster, and intricate storylines, “Tekken 7” has captivated both casual players and hardcore fighting game enthusiasts since its release in 2017. While the game is designed to be played competitively, the topic of cheats and exploits inevitably comes up, especially for players looking to gain an advantage or explore the game in unconventional ways. This comprehensive review will delve into the world of “Tekken 7” cheats, examining their types, implications, ethical considerations, and the impact on the player community.

Overview of Cheats in Tekken 7

Cheats in video games have a long and storied history, often used to enhance the gaming experience in various ways. In “Tekken 7,” cheats can range from simple codes to complex software modifications. The primary categories of cheats include:

  1. Gameplay Cheats: These cheats affect in-game mechanics, such as infinite health, unlimited special moves, or altered character abilities.
  2. Cosmetic Cheats: These involve changes to character appearances, costumes, and stages without affecting gameplay balance.
  3. Unlocking Cheats: These allow players to unlock hidden characters, stages, or items without progressing through the game naturally.
  4. Modifications and Trainers: Third-party software that modifies game files or memory to achieve desired effects.
  5. Exploits and Glitches: In-game bugs that players can exploit to gain an advantage.

Gameplay Cheats

Infinite Health and Unlimited Special Moves

One of the most sought-after cheats in any fighting game is infinite health. This cheat renders a character invincible, allowing them to take on any opponent without the risk of losing. Similarly, unlimited special moves enable players to spam powerful attacks without the usual cooldown or resource constraints.

  • Pros:
    • Great for casual play and learning character movesets.
    • Can be fun in a non-competitive, local multiplayer environment.
  • Cons:
    • Completely breaks the competitive balance of the game.
    • Can ruin the experience for other players, especially in online matches.
    • Detracts from the skill-based nature of “Tekken 7.”

Super Speed and Slow Motion

Cheats that alter game speed can provide unique gameplay experiences. Super speed makes characters and animations faster, creating a chaotic and challenging environment, while slow motion can help players practice timing and combos.

  • Pros:
    • Useful for training and improving reaction times.
    • Adds a fun, arcade-like twist to the game.
  • Cons:
    • Not suitable for serious play or competition.
    • Can cause synchronization issues in online play.

Cosmetic Cheats

Character Skins and Costumes

Cosmetic cheats allow players to change the appearance of their characters. This can range from unlocking all available skins and costumes to creating custom outfits.

  • Pros:
    • Adds variety and personalization to the game.
    • Does not impact gameplay balance.
  • Cons:
    • Some players might feel cheated if cosmetic items are normally obtained through gameplay or microtransactions.

Stage Modifications

Changing the appearance or layout of stages can provide a fresh visual experience. These cheats might include altering the background, lighting, or interactive elements of a stage.

  • Pros:
    • Enhances visual variety and aesthetic appeal.
    • Can be used to create themed matches or custom scenarios.
  • Cons:
    • Might cause graphical glitches or performance issues.
    • Could be distracting or disorienting if used excessively.

Unlocking Cheats

Hidden Characters and Stages

“Tekken 7” features several characters and stages that are unlocked through progression or specific achievements. Cheats that unlock these elements instantly can save time for players who want immediate access to all content.

  • Pros:
    • Allows players to experience all the game’s content without extensive grinding.
    • Beneficial for casual players with limited playtime.
  • Cons:
    • Diminishes the sense of accomplishment from unlocking content naturally.
    • Can devalue the effort put in by players who unlock content through gameplay.

Items and Customization Options

Unlocking cheats can also apply to various in-game items and customization options, allowing players to fully deck out their characters without needing to earn currency or complete challenges.

  • Pros:
    • Provides instant access to a wide range of customization options.
    • Enhances player creativity and expression.
  • Cons:
    • Reduces the longevity of the game by removing goals and rewards.
    • May lead to over-saturation and less appreciation for unique items.

Modifications and Trainers

Third-Party Software

Trainers and mods are third-party programs that modify game files or memory to achieve specific cheats. These can range from simple tweaks to extensive overhauls of game mechanics.

  • Pros:
    • Allows for highly customized and unique gameplay experiences.
    • Can fix bugs or improve the game in ways the original developers did not anticipate.
  • Cons:
    • Risk of malware or other security issues from untrusted sources.
    • Can lead to instability, crashes, and other technical problems.
    • Often banned in online play, leading to potential account suspensions.

Ethical Considerations

Using trainers and mods raises ethical questions, particularly in online environments. Cheating can give players an unfair advantage, disrupt the experience for others, and undermine the integrity of competitive play.

  • Competitive Integrity: Cheats can erode the skill-based nature of “Tekken 7,” making victories feel hollow and undeserved.
  • Community Impact: Cheating in online play can create a toxic environment, leading to frustration and decreased player retention.
  • Developer Intent: Cheats and mods can alter the game in ways that deviate from the developers’ vision, potentially diminishing the overall experience.

Exploits and Glitches

Common Exploits

Exploits and glitches are unintended bugs in the game that can be used to gain an advantage. These might include infinite combo loops, invincibility frames, or terrain exploits.

  • Pros:
    • Can be amusing and add a layer of discovery to the game.
    • Some exploits become widely known and accepted as part of the game’s meta.
  • Cons:
    • Unfair advantage that undermines fair competition.
    • Can lead to frustration and negative experiences for other players.
    • Often patched out by developers, rendering the exploit temporary.

Developer Response

Bandai Namco regularly monitors and patches “Tekken 7” to address exploits and glitches. This ongoing support helps maintain a fair and balanced competitive environment.

  • Patching: Developers release updates to fix known issues, enhancing game stability and fairness.
  • Community Reporting: Players are encouraged to report exploits, contributing to a healthier gaming ecosystem.

Impact on the Player Community

Competitive Play

Cheating in “Tekken 7” has significant repercussions in competitive play. The fighting game community values skill, practice, and fair competition. Cheats disrupt this balance and can lead to disqualification from tournaments and bans from online services.

  • Tournaments: Strict anti-cheat measures are enforced in professional tournaments to ensure fair play.
  • Ranked Matches: Online ranked modes employ anti-cheat systems to detect and penalize cheaters, preserving the integrity of the leaderboard.

Casual Play

In casual or offline play, cheats can add a layer of fun and experimentation. Players can explore new scenarios, practice difficult moves, or simply enjoy the game without the pressure of competition.

  • Learning Tool: Cheats can help new players learn the game by reducing difficulty and allowing unlimited practice.
  • Entertainment: Fun cheats, like altered character models or silly effects, can enhance the casual gaming experience.

Community Divisions

The use of cheats can create divisions within the player community. While some players view cheats as harmless fun, others see them as a threat to the game’s integrity.

  • Pro-Cheat: Advocates argue that cheats enhance personal enjoyment and offer creative freedom.
  • Anti-Cheat: Opponents believe cheats undermine the skill and effort required to excel in “Tekken 7,” advocating for a cheat-free environment.


Overall Assessment

Cheats in “Tekken 7” encompass a wide range of modifications, from harmless cosmetic changes to game-breaking exploits. While they can add a layer of fun and accessibility for casual players, they also pose significant risks to the integrity of competitive play and the overall gaming experience.


  • Accessibility: Cheats can make the game more accessible to new players and those with limited time.
  • Customization: Cosmetic cheats and mods allow for a highly personalized gaming experience.
  • Experimentation: Cheats enable players to experiment with different scenarios and gameplay styles.


  • Competitive Integrity: Cheats undermine fair competition and the skill-based nature of “Tekken 7.”
  • Community Impact: The use of cheats can create a toxic environment and divide the player base.
  • Security Risks: Third-party mods and trainers can pose security risks, including malware and account bans.


For players interested in using cheats in “Tekken 7,” consider the following recommendations:

  1. Offline Use: Restrict the use of cheats to offline or casual play to avoid disrupting the online community and competitive balance.
  2. Trusted Sources: Only download mods and trainers from reputable sources to minimize security risks.
  3. Respect Fair Play: In competitive or online environments, prioritize fair play and respect the efforts of other players.

Future Considerations

As “Tekken 7” continues to evolve with updates and new content, the role of cheats and their impact on the game will remain a pertinent issue. Ongoing dialogue between developers and the player community is essential to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

By understanding the various types of cheats, their implications, and the ethical considerations involved, players can make informed decisions about their use. Here are a few key areas to consider for the future:

  1. Developer Transparency:
    • Bandai Namco should continue to communicate openly with the community about the measures they are taking to combat cheating. Regular updates and patches addressing exploits and balancing issues will help maintain player trust and the integrity of the game.
  2. Community Engagement:
    • Engaging with the player base through forums, social media, and official channels can help developers understand player concerns and priorities. This feedback loop is crucial for addressing issues quickly and effectively.
  3. Educational Resources:
    • Providing resources and tutorials on how to report cheats, the impact of cheating, and the benefits of fair play can educate the community. Highlighting the importance of integrity in competitive play will foster a healthier gaming environment.
  4. Enhanced Anti-Cheat Measures:
    • Continuous improvement of anti-cheat technology is essential. This includes developing more sophisticated detection methods and implementing robust punitive measures for cheaters to deter future offenses.
  5. Promoting Fair Play:
    • Celebrating and rewarding players who exemplify fair play and sportsmanship can help shift the community’s focus away from cheats and towards skill and integrity. This can be done through in-game rewards, shoutouts, or special events.

In-Depth Analysis of Common Cheats and Their Impact

Infinite Health and Unlimited Special Moves

Infinite health and unlimited special moves are two of the most impactful cheats in “Tekken 7,” significantly altering the gameplay experience.

Infinite Health

  • Description: This cheat grants the player’s character immunity from damage, effectively making them invincible.
  • Impact on Gameplay:
    • Positive: Useful for practice sessions, especially when learning a new character’s moveset without the risk of being knocked out.
    • Negative: Completely disrupts the balance of the game, as it removes the challenge and strategy inherent to fighting games. In a multiplayer setting, it creates an unfair advantage that can frustrate other players.

Unlimited Special Moves

  • Description: This cheat allows the player to use their character’s special moves without any cooldowns or resource costs.
  • Impact on Gameplay:
    • Positive: Can be fun for casual play and experimenting with different combos and strategies.
    • Negative: Like infinite health, it breaks the game’s balance, especially in competitive play, by allowing one player to dominate without the usual strategic considerations.

Cosmetic Cheats

Cosmetic cheats, while less impactful on gameplay, can still influence the overall experience in significant ways.

Character Skins and Costumes

  • Description: Cheats that unlock or alter character skins and costumes.
  • Impact on Gameplay:
    • Positive: Enhances visual variety and allows for greater personal expression and creativity.
    • Negative: If cosmetic items are normally unlocked through gameplay or microtransactions, using cheats to obtain them can diminish the sense of accomplishment and the game’s longevity.

Unlocking Cheats

Unlocking cheats bypass the need to progress through the game to access content, providing immediate access to all characters, stages, and items.

Hidden Characters and Stages

  • Description: Instantly unlocks all characters and stages without the need for in-game achievements or progression.
  • Impact on Gameplay:
    • Positive: Ideal for players who want to experience the full game without spending extensive time unlocking content.
    • Negative: Reduces the motivation to engage with the game’s progression system and can lead to a less rewarding experience overall.

Items and Customization Options

  • Description: Provides access to all in-game items and customization options.
  • Impact on Gameplay:
    • Positive: Enables full customization of characters, enhancing the player’s ability to personalize their gaming experience.
    • Negative: Like other unlocking cheats, it can shorten the game’s lifespan by removing goals and incentives to play.

Modifications and Trainers

Using third-party software to modify “Tekken 7” can offer unique experiences but comes with significant risks and ethical considerations.

Third-Party Software

  • Description: External programs that modify game files or memory to implement cheats.
  • Impact on Gameplay:
    • Positive: Allows for highly personalized and unique gameplay experiences, including fixing bugs or enhancing graphics.
    • Negative: Potentially introduces security risks, such as malware, and can cause instability in the game. Often banned in online play, leading to account suspensions or bans.

Exploits and Glitches

Exploits and glitches are unintended bugs in the game that can be used to gain advantages.

Common Exploits

  • Description: Examples include infinite combo loops, terrain exploits, and invincibility frames.
  • Impact on Gameplay:
    • Positive: Adds a layer of discovery and can be amusing for casual play.
    • Negative: Provides unfair advantages, disrupts competitive balance, and can lead to frustration among other players. Often patched out by developers.

Ethical Considerations

Competitive Integrity

Cheats undermine the competitive integrity of “Tekken 7.” In a game where skill, timing, and strategy are paramount, cheats erode the foundation of fair play.

  • Impact: Cheaters can dominate matches unfairly, leading to hollow victories and a demoralized player base.
  • Solution: Strict enforcement of anti-cheat measures and clear consequences for cheating are essential to preserving competitive integrity.

Community Impact

The use of cheats can create a toxic environment within the player community. Players who cheat may face backlash, while those who play fairly can become frustrated and disillusioned.

  • Impact: Decreased player retention and a fragmented community.
  • Solution: Promoting fair play, celebrating sportsmanship, and providing educational resources on the impact of cheating.

Developer Intent

Cheats and mods can alter the game in ways that deviate from the developers’ original vision. While some modifications can enhance the experience, others can detract from the intended gameplay.

  • Impact: Potentially diminishes the overall experience and the narrative or gameplay balance crafted by the developers.
  • Solution: Developers should provide tools and guidelines for safe and approved modifications, ensuring that player creativity can flourish without compromising the game’s integrity.


Overall Assessment

Cheats in “Tekken 7” can range from benign cosmetic changes to game-breaking exploits. While they can enhance the gaming experience for casual players, they pose significant risks to competitive play and the overall health of the community.


  • Accessibility: Cheats can make the game more approachable for new players.
  • Customization: Cosmetic changes and mods allow for personal expression.
  • Experimentation: Enables players to explore new scenarios and gameplay styles.


  • Competitive Integrity: Cheats disrupt the balance and fairness essential to “Tekken 7.”
  • Community Impact: Can create a toxic environment and divide the player base.
  • Security Risks: Third-party mods and trainers can introduce malware and other risks.


For players considering the use of cheats in “Tekken 7”:

  1. Limit to Offline Play: Use cheats in offline or casual settings to avoid disrupting the online community and competitive balance.
  2. Source Carefully: Download mods and trainers from reputable sources to minimize security risks.
  3. Respect Fair Play: In competitive or online environments, prioritize fair play and respect the efforts of other players.

Future Considerations

As “Tekken 7” continues to evolve, the relationship between cheats, players, and developers will remain a dynamic aspect of the game. Maintaining open communication, enhancing anti-cheat measures, and promoting fair play will be essential to preserving the integrity and enjoyment of “Tekken 7” for all players.

By understanding the various types of cheats, their implications, and the ethical considerations involved, players can make informed decisions about their use. This comprehensive review highlights the complexity and multifaceted nature of cheats in “Tekken 7,” providing a thorough analysis for both current and prospective players.

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