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TFZ Coco Q1

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tfz coco q1 review


We will start with the housing design of the headset. The TFZ Coco Q1 is the most unique housing-shaped headset I’ve ever seen in the $50 price range. According to the manufacturer, the company has compiled and calculated thousands of measurement samples to come up with the size and shape of the TFZ Coco Q1. This ensures that the TFZ Coco Q1 will be worn comfortably and firmly while still keeping the size as neat as possible and avoiding the use of earhooks.

The faceplate is simple and delicate with no physical buttons. TFZ Coco Q1 is equipped with a touch button right in the middle of the faceplate. The status light is the translucent circle that runs around.

From a processing perspective, I don’t value highly the finishing touch of this headset because of the excess plastic edge.

The inside of the headset has a rubber lining to increase ear grip as well as a pleasant and soft feel when using. Although it was paid attention, since it’s just a cheap product, the excess rubber contours still appear. You can also remove this lining in case of cleaning.

The charger box of TFZ Coco Q1 is made quite compact. All rounded edges feel like holding a pebble in your hand.

There is a charging status light on the edge of the box. You must plug in the charger to see this indicator because the NSX does not leave any indication that it is there when in a normal state.

About the internal configuration, TFZ Coco Q1 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology for a stable connection. It also supports 2 popular codecs, namely AAC and SBC.

Perhaps since the TFZ Coco Q1 has fully focused on the audio part, some features have been cut out. The TFZ Coco Q1 is not waterproofed by NSX requirements. This model also doesn’t have the ability to stop streaming music directly on the headset, but it is only equipped with the ability to switch songs, receive calls, and open virtual assistants.

The theoretical battery life is 5 hours of continuous use and the charging box allows full charging for 4 times more.


TFZ Coco Q1 feels good and is extremely neat on the ears. No excess will be noticeable when being worn. Even when running or shaking my head, the headphones still clung to my ears.

The connection to TFZ Coco Q1 is quite stable, there are no dropped or jerky sounds when listening continuously for 3 hours. The battery life of the actual battery experience is about 4 hours when listening at a moderate volume.

The latency of TFZ Coco Q1 when watching videos or playing games ranges from 100ms to 200ms – an acceptable number with True Wireless headphones in this price range.


TFZ Coco Q1 has a U-Shape sound, emphasizing on bass range and treble. However, sound bands are very well controlled and poignant. Mid range is not that backward, extremely focuses on details. In this price range, it’s rather rare to have headphones with audiophile-like sounds such as TFZ Coco Q1.


It could get really deep with pretty good quality and bouncing beats. However, the sound is not very smooth, but blocky, especially when listening at low volume. The speed is average,  and since the layers are not well separated, with the song with a fast bass tempo like Death Metal, Coco Q1 will appear to be short of breath. As for Pop, R&B, and EDM genres, TFZ Coco Q1 has fairly good results.


Vocals are clear and full, well-performed with both male and female voices. There is a section at about 2-3kHz that the vocals are not very full. The position of the dust voice pulled back a little bit compared to the stage. The high-mid band is lightly emphasized, making the female voices and high notes become quite soaring. Thankfully, TFZ Coco Q1 is still able to control this sound range and rarely having any sibilant in high notes.

Instrument details are quite good in this price range, especially for string instruments like guitars and violins. Sound colors are quite neutral, because of the rough processing, it takes burn-in time to improve.


It clicks lightly on the low-treble section. The treble is very good in the price range. It’s up there, crunchy and quite airy while able to hold quite a lot of details. The sound is not too harsh but still lacks in smoothness.


The width is quite decent while space is like in a small tea room. The ability to detach the instrument layer is not a strength of True Wireless headphones, especially at low prices but it is clear that TFZ Coco Q1 isn’t too bad at it. With good recordings, you still see a certain separation of musical instruments in the stage.


The TFZ Coco Q1 is an imperfect headset, but it has the strengths that very few in the same price range have. Stability and sound quality are spot-on. If you are a music lover who prefers maneuver, doesn’t need advanced features nor spend too much, TFZ Coco Q1 will be a worthy choice.

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