Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

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Point-of-Sale (POS) equipment refers to the tools and systems used in businesses to facilitate sales transactions. It includes various devices such as barcode scanners, card readers, cash drawers, and displays. POS equipment plays a crucial role in streamlining operations, managing inventory, tracking sales, and enhancing overall efficiency in retail and other industries.

POS equipment is essential for businesses as it enables efficient and accurate processing of sales transactions. It helps manage inventory levels, track sales data, streamline customer transactions, and improve overall operational efficiency. The right POS equipment can contribute to better customer experiences, increased productivity, and enhanced profitability.

Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner

Features of the Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner



The Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner does not include a display. It is designed primarily for scanning barcodes and transmitting the data to a compatible device, such as a POS system or computer.

Barcode Scanner

The key feature of the Unitech America MS851 is its 1D laser barcode scanning capability. It utilizes laser technology to scan and decode 1D barcodes quickly and accurately. The rugged design ensures durability, making it suitable for various environments, including warehouses, retail stores, and manufacturing facilities.

Card Reader

The Unitech America MS851 is a dedicated barcode scanner and does not include a built-in card reader. Its primary focus is on barcode scanning functionality rather than processing card payments.

Cash Drawer

Similar to the card reader, the Unitech America MS851 does not incorporate a cash drawer. It is designed to work in conjunction with a compatible POS system or cash register, which typically includes a separate cash drawer for managing cash transactions.


The Unitech America MS851 is a hardware device and does not come with dedicated software for inventory management, sales tracking and reporting, employee management, or customer relationship management. It is designed to transmit barcode data to a compatible software system, which can handle these functionalities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Product

Technical Requirements


Before selecting the Unitech America MS851, businesses should ensure that it is compatible with their existing POS infrastructure. It should seamlessly integrate with the chosen POS software and other devices to facilitate smooth data transfer and efficient operations.


While the Unitech America MS851 does not directly handle sensitive customer data or payment processing, businesses should still consider the manufacturer’s reputation for security measures. Ensuring data integrity and protecting against potential vulnerabilities is crucial to maintaining the overall security of the POS system.

Ease of Use

The Unitech America MS851 is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward to operate. It should offer simple setup procedures, easy scanning functionality, and ergonomic design for comfortable use over extended periods. Intuitive operation and minimal training requirements can enhance employee productivity and reduce potential errors.

Customer Experience

Speed and Efficiency

The Unitech America MS851 excels in speed and efficiency, allowing businesses to quickly and accurately scan 1D barcodes. Its laser scanning technology ensures fast and reliable decoding, minimizing customer wait times and optimizing checkout processes.

Payment Options

As a dedicated barcode scanner, the Unitech America MS851 does not include payment processing capabilities. However, businesses can integrate it with a compatible POS system or cash register to offer various payment options to customers.

Receipts and Invoices

The Unitech America MS851 is not responsible for generating receipts or invoices. The responsibility lies with the chosen POS software, which should be capable of generating receipts and invoices. Businesses should consider the capabilities of their POS software in terms of generating and customizing receipts and invoices to meet their specific needs and branding requirements.

Installation and Maintenance

Setting up the Equipment

Setting up the Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner involves connecting it to a compatible device or POS system. The scanner typically uses a wired connection, such as USB, to establish communication with the device. The manufacturer or POS provider should provide clear instructions on how to connect and configure the scanner for optimal performance.

Training Employees

Training employees on using the Unitech America MS851 is essential to ensure efficient and accurate barcode scanning. The manufacturer or POS provider should offer comprehensive training resources, including user manuals and tutorials, to familiarize employees with the scanner’s functionality, scanning techniques, and troubleshooting procedures. Proper training will help employees utilize the scanner effectively and minimize errors during the scanning process.

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Troubleshooting and Maintenance

The Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner typically requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning of the scanner’s lens and periodic firmware updates, if available, can help maintain optimal performance. In case of any issues or malfunctions, businesses should have access to technical support provided by the manufacturer or POS provider. Troubleshooting guidance and prompt assistance will help businesses quickly resolve any problems and minimize disruptions to their operations.


In conclusion, the Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner offers businesses a reliable and efficient solution for barcode scanning in various industries. With its rugged design, laser scanning technology, and compatibility with POS systems, it enables quick and accurate scanning of 1D barcodes, improving the speed and efficiency of point-of-sale operations.

When considering the Unitech America MS851 or any barcode scanner, businesses should evaluate technical requirements, compatibility, security, ease of use, and the overall customer experience. Ensuring compatibility with existing POS infrastructure, prioritizing security measures, and providing a seamless scanning experience are crucial factors to consider. Additionally, proper installation, employee training, and access to technical support contribute to successful implementation and maintenance of the scanner.

By carefully assessing these factors and selecting a suitable barcode scanner that aligns with specific business needs, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize their point-of-sale processes. The Unitech America MS851 Rugged 1D Laser Barcode Scanner, with its reliable performance and rugged design, presents a valuable option for businesses seeking a durable and efficient solution for their barcode scanning requirements.

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