viewsonic vg2740v review reviews where to buy px800hd customer service test xg320u price màn hình careers

ViewSonic VG2740V

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amazon ViewSonic VG2740V reviews

viewsonic vg2740v review reviews where to buy px800hd customer service test xg320u price màn hình careers

Classic design, not eye-catching

Overall, the ViewSonic VG2740V is designed with a screen with floating bezels, thin on the top 3 and thicker at the bottom with the logo and menu keys in the right corner. With a fairly wide 27-inch Full HD screen, the VG2740V is equipped with an IPS panel for detailed images at any viewing angle.

Users can also install the company’s vDisplay Manager support software to split the screen, automatically launch applications and customize display settings to maximize multi-tasking capabilities.

ViewSonic VG2740V has a control system encapsulated in 6 buttons located at the bottom edge of the screen. The manufacturer’s button layout is very reasonable. Specifically, users will have 4 dedicated buttons for video chat meetings including Volume up and down, mute, and recording from the microphone. From there, users can be more flexible in meetings and study groups.

Customizing the color, display mode, and audio quality is done quite easily through the menu button on the screen. The menu section of the VG2740V looks a bit classic but is intuitive and very easy to use, just a little English can be customized as you like.


The base of the VG2740V uses a large, solid metal core, the color scheme between glossy black and black is beautiful, but the base is quite large, so it will take up desk space.

In return, the ergonomic design makes the stand flexible at any angle, can easily rotate the screen to 120 degrees, tilt up to 40 degrees, change the height of the screen to suit, or rotate the screen 90 degrees to view the content displayed vertically.

The VG2740V’s versatile stand can be used with a client mount, which comes with the ability to arrange and arrange the connection wires neatly and neatly.

With the VESA standard, if you do not want to use the included stand, you can still attach the curtain to other stands or wall mounts.

In terms of visibility, this screen performs quite well in the color display and brightness enough for indoor use along with the 27 “screen size and Full HD resolution.

Besides, Flicker-Free anti-flicker technology and eye-protecting blue light filter help users to work with peace of mind without headaches and eye fatigue when sitting for a long time in front of the computer screen.

I evaluate the display quality of the ViewSonic VG2740V at a good level in the price range, not only for study and office use but also for image editing and video editing.

Webcam: A great plus in the COVID-19 season

This can be seen as a feature that sets the ViewSonic VG2740V apart from other office monitors on the market, especially during the complicated COVID-19 pandemic.

The camera cluster of the screen has a resolution of 2MP. With the camera application available on Windows 10, the user’s face will be automatically focused for the best quality, without blur. Besides, you can still record Full HD resolution videos at 30fps.

The VG2740V’s webcam is fixed at the top edge of the screen but has good customization when it is possible to adjust the angle of the webcam within about 5 degrees to get a full wide angle in front of the screen.

Plus, the built-in Webcam includes an easy-to-use slide for complete privacy and security when not in use.

Practical experience shows that the built-in webcam on the ViewSonic VG2740V is very useful for today’s meeting and online learning needs when giving quite good quality in both the image and the recording part through the built-in microphone. Of course, the lag of the image is there but not significant.

As for the quality of photos and videos, it is “poor”, but not as good as our smartphones. I tried to capture a few pages of documents with the screen’s camera and the quality was quite good, focusing at close range.

Audio and Microphone

The microphone is specially integrated, users can easily turn it on / off the microphone with a simple operation key at the bottom of the screen. The dual front-facing speakers deliver relatively good sound but don’t expect too much either.


VG2740V is quite diverse in terms of connection ports. On the back of the screen are Display port 1.2, HDMI 1.4, D-Sub, 1 USB upstream port, and 2 downstream USB ports on the side of the screen, making it easy for users to quickly plug in peripherals. The headphone jack is located at the back of the screen, so it can be a bit entangled for users.

MyViewBoard Ecosystem: Optimal for the needs of studying and working remotely

ViewSonic also has its online learning solution myViewBoard Classroom, part of the myViewBoard educational software ecosystem. MyViewBoard Classroom works in the browser, no installation is required, participants do not need to register to create an account, just enter the generated class ID.

MyViewBoard Classroom is integrated with many convenient and intuitive teaching tools, such as interactive whiteboards between teachers and students, group activities, tools for raising hands, writing and drawing, taking screenshots, recording, and video lectures,…

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ViewSonic VG2740V 27 Inch 1080p IPS Video Conferencing-Monitor with Integrated 2MP-Camera, Microphone, Speakers, Eye Care, Ergonomic Design, HDMI DisplayPort VGA Inputs for Home and Office: Buy it now


viewsonic vg2740v review reviews where to buy px800hd customer service test xg320u price màn hình careers


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